4v1 taking on The Reaper in Guerrilla Mode

The Reaper in Guerrilla Mode!

Man it’s a really hard battle, it did end up dropping a experimental for everyone, but the battle was almost 30 minutes long, still a lot of fun, hope y’all enjoy.

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Good deal and congrats on the experimental weapons. Did y’all browse the Reaper Tips and Advice page before y’all fought the reaper? The stuff there was helpful and might help y’all on the next one.

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No, I did watch Wired Gaming’s 20 minute video on it so I kind of already knew what to do, but try getting 4 people all on the same page when everyone is drinking and having a good time, I got rid of over 90 rockets and gained some weight back into the storage though lol

Dang that’s a lot of rockets. I have to wait to update my game and I do enjoy a good drink every now and again.
I can imagine the struggle though :joy::joy:

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It wasn’t really that bad or anything, but I doubt we’ll be playing The Reaper at that difficulty again unless there’s some more exp weapons that come around, also for whatever reason in my game (as the host) it was taking forever for Rivals to spawn, I don’t know if this is a known issue or what, but streamed the game for 7 hours yesterday for only 1 Reaper to spawn in my server.

I do enjoy the grind though, it’s a fun game to just sit in and run around and kill some robots, I just hope we get more content here soon and maybe some more missions and things to do around the map, I’m down for more DLC’s and etc for the game, and I’m hoping we get new weapons and stuff, even if some of them aren’t exp, I use the A5 a LOT.

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I run the Ai-76 as my primary and also the rival spawn isn’t a bug as far as I know. I know there is a cool down timer on the spawn time for sure. Don’t know if it’s region or global based but I hope that helps solve some questions. Also I can’t wait for my first experimental weapon been playing since beta I believe and still haven’t got one. One can hope :grin:

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I think the cooldown on rivals is individual. iirc the cooldown is 2 hours, between when a rival spawn, and when one can spawn again.


Ahh that’s good to know, we haven’t had the issue since, but I could only get 1 rival per region to spawn for a while, talking 4 or more hours of IRL. After killing every Rival on the map and farming one region it finally started spawning Rivals in the region we were farming.