A few questions about FOA and fnix dlc

Hi everyone. Here are a few questions and any answers would be appreciated.
What is FOA?
Where are the FOA bases?

Also, I have the fnix rising dlc. How do I get the first mission for it? I have alpine unrest as well, and I have only done a few missions (I have finished the main story though).

FOA is a very VERY secret military research facility.

If you completed the main story then you must have been at FOA5 (where you planted the Russian bomb).
FOA2 is at Normyrra Artillery Base.
FOA4 is on Himfjall - one of the missions of Alpine Unrest will lead you there.

You should have unfinished missions in your LOG marked with white icons on the right. Bear is for Alpine Unrest, and the other is for FNIX Rising.

Make one active and proceed with the mission just like any other.


FOA stands for Försvarets forskningsanstalt.
It’s the Swedish Defense Research Agency.


Well kinda it’s more like a company for military research and production of military things. A bit like our BAE in the UK.

You should find the mission in the small resistance camp just at the entrance to the farmlands from the archipelago on a car windscreen

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FOA is Swedish equivalent to Skunk Works in USA, which is a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, with the task of working on advanced or secret projects. “Black Projects” to say so.

There are several FOA facilities in the game:
FOA1 - only mentioned
FOA2 - North of Norrmyra Artillery Base (Marshlands)
FOA4 - North of Björntunet Hotel (Himfjäll)
FOA5 - South of Hagaboda (North Coast)

There is no mention of FOA3, as of yet, and FOA6 is part of the fan fiction (here).

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This makes me wonder if the underground blown to pieces bunker at the crater was FOA3… It would kinda make sense as an even more secret Underground research facility with only 1 entrance at Bunker 666. I don’t know, there’s no evidence to support this but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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Actually, it has 3 entrances known to players:

  1. Bunker 66(6)
  2. Retinal scanner door (inside the crater but blocked off after December '20 update)
  3. Hidden entrance inside destroyed barn (SW of crater epicenter: -815, 9)

2nd entrance:

3rd entrance:

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True about the second entrance but I didn’t know about the 3rd one… I’ll have to check it out