Action Screenshots (but can be photo mode too)

Since I have yet to learn how to use the in-game photo mode to snap screenshots that I can then share without using windows screenshot tool, I just quickly hit my WIN button and “PRTSC” button to snap action shots.

Here is a snap of the reaper’s blast going off in an open field. Note the cloud above him too!

I was standing on the broken castle wall, northeast coastline near east of the marine center, on Himfjall Island with the reaper below. This was an easy battle since he couldn’t hit me, only his gas could reach me and lucky for me he limits it’s use.

This is his blast from the safety of the hill top the base is on.

Is one of the reaper being zapped to the roof of a barn with the 7.62 shock ammo from my KVM 59. Not sure who was more shocked, him or us players!
And yes, he was destroyed up there but rolled down enough for us to loot him.

Sorry if this is the wrong place/kind of screen shots for this forum. But this is the only way I know how to take in game action shots without getting killed or missing the action. If someone would be so kind as to explain to me the correct way to use the in-game photo mode for action shots, before I am booted and my post is removed, I would be most thankful.

How to easily take a screenshot in photo mode on PC:

  1. Hold ‘C’, pull down to photo mode, release ‘C’
  2. Change camera settings if you want to, press ‘E’ to hide HUD
  3. Take screenshot by either pressing ‘F12’ or WIN + PRTSC

Another action shot. I was trying to get this while being picked on by nearby rival harvester and a rival tank. I climbed on the wall to get an angle of all the machines in the shot so I was also exposed to direct fire.

Hitting the “C” key only helps if you pick the photo mode beforehand and then hitting the “E” key and then the F12 key and then exit key are a lot of steps to take while under fire. Some of my action shots I just hit F12 and hope I got what I wanted in the picture!