Activation specialist level

Platform : XBOX ONE
Description : I cannot change my specialist skill column to earn the other skills. I am stuck on level 31 as Engineer : I have field the column for Tech .
Steps to Reproduce : Don"t know how to reproduce because nothing works on that screen.

Would love to know how to start working on other achievements. All this seemed to happen towards the end of 2020. That includes my experimental weapons disappearing and my American weapons after I bought the download.
I have seen a lot of videos on youtube but almost have been PC or PS4 plays
Need a fix. Can you look at my game play and reinstall all the weapons that I have collected.

What do you mean here? I am confused on how you could be stuck on it. Since 31 is the max level, it stops there on purpose.


As stated above, level cap is 31 and once you reach that level, your char won’t gain any additional XP and skill points.

With that, game is working as intended.

Only downside of this, is that game doesn’t tell you anywhere that there is level cap. And many players had to find it out the hard way.

Saving grace is that you can make new chars, up to 4, so you can spec their skills differently. And with this, you can have different skill builds. E.g i have 4 different ones, further reading: What is your skill build?


you are correct about new chars only problem is you have to start all over collecting weapons and the expert level weapons are not dropping so if you got them on your first char the rest are screwed. You can’t share them across chars or storage boxes. You should be able to start another row of skills when you reach max. Other wise why play the game.If I had known that ahead of time I would have switched columns before I reached the max.
I also have noticed that PC players have several advantages as opposed to xbox players. When the youtube videos show PC players readily changing the difficulty level. This sucks for the developers to leave stuff in the game. Especially the part of loosing the expert weapons. I lost all of mine then found out that they can be dropped pretty much anytime and anywhere. The could have fixed that instead of giving my back packs with dresses or different sneakers. If I am in Sweden during this do you think I care what makeup, fingernails or sneakers I am wearing no I am interest in finding superior weapons and ammo to stay alvie

You can share weapons. Just put it in the box and switch char and pick it up.

Won’t work on my XBOX ONE console. What platform are you on?

All platforms can change difficulty levels. Not sure how it could just be a pc thing.

To clarify, when you make 2nd, 3rd of 4th char, everything you have in your Plundra (storage box) is kept and shared between chars. Same goes for missions.

This way, you can easily switch out one char for another and pick up from where you left off.

Though, that much is true that you can not find new Experimental weapons when your char level is below 25. But if you already have these end-game weapons, you can equip them to level 1 char and use them without issues.

To change difficulty levels:

  1. When in game, press Esc (or console equivalent button)
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Game”
  4. Scroll down and look for “Difficulty” setting