Adding stuff to a characters inventory in the middle of a fight


…maybe wasn’t the greatest of ideas?

Ever heard of overencumbered->dead?


Yeah. I had a tricky moment with the tanks assignment yesterday. It popped in the middle of a huge firefight, dumped some resources on me that I neither wanted or needed and all of a sudden I couldn’t sprint. :rofl:


On the flip side, reward is given you instantly, where you don’t have to make dedicated trip to closest FMTEL station, if the reward would be given to you when you “Collect” your reward at it.

But i do get the current issue. Happened to me as well, where i lost Sprint ability. But since i was inside the house at the time being, it didn’t bother me.

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I heard there is this thing called fast travel in the game?


Which is unavailable as soon as you go over capacity or in combat. ?


Would it still happen to people if they planned ahead, and made sure not to do assignments if their weight is close to the encumbered mark and first get rid of excess weight? And what would that mark be approximately? 50/60 kilos?


The current issue of assignments is, that it doesn’t tell you how much weight you’ll gain from the rewards. It could be as less as 0.1 kg or as high as 11 kg. And without it, it’s very hard to plan ahead.

For example: one of the very 1st rewards i got, named Crafting Materials, was 10 pieces of plastic and 10 pieces of fabric. That, in total, weighed 0.080 kg.
One of the latest, again with the reward of Crafting Materials, i got about 20 pieces of Rubber and 10 Compressed Air Tanks. That weighed 10.040 kg.
I was amazed when i saw my weight at 103 kg (normal max is 96 kg, with Carry Capacity lvl2) and it took quite a bit of time, for me to find that game put 10 Compressed Air Tanks in my inventory as part of the “Crafting Materials” reward.

I still think game should tell us in advance what reward you’ll exactly get and how many of that item. This way, players can choose if the want to do that assignment and also, players can estimate how much weight they’ll gain, once the rewards are dumped into their inventory.


But then there can’t be random assignment rewards. And these random rewards make it more interesting to especially do those assignments. At least to me. Do you think you can ever get rewards weighing more than 20 kilo? For now, I’ll make sure that my weight is under 70 kilo’s when starting assignments.


No. But you’ll never know. :wink:

I do understand the enjoyment of getting random reward. Though, i prefer to know exactly what i’m getting.


Perhaps a compromise would be to tell us what the reward is when we receive it? (and how much it weighs?)

That would allow randomized rewards but would also let the player know if they suddenly received something heavy (so that it could be dropped if necessary). Imperfect, yes; just a compromise.

Also, it gives more incentive to the player to do the Assignments when they know exactly what they get as a reward. Currently it is not obvious how much of each item is received, which does not provide much incentive.


Yup. When they first implemented them I assumed that you’d go to the FMTEL to get your assignment, and then on completion return to collect your reward.

Dumping it in my inventory mid fight was entirely unexpected!


Not all people are the same. The not knowing gives me more incentive to keep doing the assignments. I like them. Especially if the devs would indicate that in the random rewards also apparel and weapons can drop.


You always have to expect the unexpected… :joy:


Besides Regeneration in seconds and the Machines, this game has been all about being as real as it can.
I think we should not magically receive items.
What is the problem of going back to the nearest FMTEL station to get the rewards?
That is how it is in many games and Real Life, you want something, you have to go to the location to get it.


Do you think it is realistic to go into a fight to with 96 kilo on your back? :wink:


With exoskeletons yes it is :wink: .

It´s still worst to receive stuff while fighting machines, not a good mechanic to be implemented.


Yeah, but fighting with so much on your back, that you can’t receive loot is not a wise move. The first time, ok, that is a surprise. But after the first time you know, you know you have to plan ahead. Lesson learned. Survive and adapt, remember your training soldier! :wink:


Yes, that is a better solution. Allows randomized rewards, informs the player, and postpones potential overweight until in a safehouse.

Perfect. :+1:


I’d like “Get Rewards” button, so that I can choose more convenient moment to grab 'em.


I did point that method out above, alongside the con of it:

I, personally, don’t mind the trip back to FMTEL station to collect my reward(s) but i’m sure there are people out there who do mind it.