Aiming; Holding Breath - Not there

On the Twitch live stream June 5, 2019, the moderators said their was a key to press to hold your breath while aiming (Possibly shift). I looked at the key bindings and there was none. I tested it in game to see if it was a hidden feature (tried many keys) - Nope could not find the feature; assuming it does not exist.


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I thought I misheard him when he said that. Maybe something their working on…

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Hi, I confirm that the feature exist, don’t know the key on PC, but on xbox, this is the same of the running button ( so probably Shift on standard FPS configuration)
On the last version of the game it was hard to see if if the command was working, but now we can see it easely with the stamina gauge

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On PC it’s the SPACE bar.


Guest appearance :point_up_2:Vic Mackey from ’ The Shield ’ . :+1:


Space bar? Well that is definitely not intuitive😂 should I ask the devs to change the key to shift? Also, is it remappable?


OH MY GOD. It really works. All this time… I had no idea. This may also be the reason why aiming down sights can’t be remapped to spacebar without the animation bugging out, because Hold Breath is already bound to spacebar by default and it can’t be remapped to another key.


That’s a curveball for sure. Spacebar? I know Shift is pretty much a default for holding your breath in quite a few games :slight_smile:

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kind of strange that it’s not listed in the tutorial but things that don’t exist in the game are :confused:

Yes plz, that is much more commen as the other guys said.
And maybe a small text hint at the beginning of the game.


i don’t know if it would be of any help but if you remap the jump to something else you can jump while looking down your sights

Hm, why would I. I’d rather remap holding breath to shift, as in every other game.

Actually do you know by any chance how to use hold breath button on the PS4? i do not know if the option exist on this platform

Unsure of PS4, but on PC previously you were unable to remap the hold breath button. This was fixed in the most recent update. I would hope you could do the same on the console version?

Yes I read about it, but i do not know if has been implemented on consoles :open_mouth:

Never seen it on Xbox. Doesn’t need it though with the sniper skill.

i´m a Vanguard :sweat_smile:, i manage perfectly but its weird not having the option, when so many FPS have it (and the PC counterpart does)

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While the holding breath function was quite hidden at release from the public it’s actually not all that useful (atleast not for me) since it also adds to the recoil when sniping. The scope bounces alot more up while holding your breath and shooting.

If it was an intended feature in this game, or just a (forturnate) bug that came over from The Hunter’s gun mechanics, I don’t know but letting everyone have an almost endless, swayless aim without spending skills seems like a bug considering current skills available in the left combat tree.

Now with the current change from space to remappable(alt default) I can no longer put it back on space to use the multifunction(jump while not scoped/hold breath while scoped) it once had and that i’ve gotten use to.

I’m gonna have to play some more with it to see if scoped bunnyjumping is worth the multifunction loss :wink: