Almost impossible to lie down to earth

Platform: PC

Description: In 90% of the land it is not possible to lie down on the ground. If the ground is not perfectly horizontal or almost the character does not lie down, and playing on the higher difficulty level, not being seen or being able to hide in case you have been spotted and engaged is essential. You cannot lie down on a ground with small stones, not even on a sloping or uphill ground even if on a lawn, or small pieces of wood. Once you lie down, if the enemy is ten meters below you, you can’t shoot them because the sight doesn’t drop. As a result, you are forced to get up or crouch in order to shoot downwards with the risk of being spotted. Ironically, however, once you are lying on an almost perfectly horizontal ground or meadow or road, you can get anywhere. You can get over rocks and land where you can’t lie down, you can get to the top of ravines, in short, you can get almost anywhere. An even more absurd thing is that if you get up on ground where you crawled to the ground to be able to escape from a problematic situation, there is a big chance that you will not be able to lower yourself. For this problem I have died several times.
Let me be clear, I really like the game so much and I don’t say all this to try to make it pass as a bad game, but rather I write everything, with the hope that what I write will be read by the developers to solve the problems and improve it further .

Steps: none

Video :
In the video you can see that from 15:30 I get up and crouch a lot of times. I do this to try to be able to lie down and shoot, but it’s not possible. Watch the video up to minute 21. That was just one of many situations

Host or Client: solo game

Players in your game: none

Specifications: i5 6500, asus rtx 2070 super, Corsair 16GB ram, mobo z170 pro4, ssd 500 GB Crucial


Once you learn the “quirks” of prone, then it isn’t that bad. However, what i’ve had issues with, was getting up from prone. I had to slowly crawl to a flat area before i was able to crouch/stand up. (Got it even on recording if anyone is interested.)

Wait, what? I just press crouch button, or run + forward and I’m up… unless I’m under a tree, or a bush - the usual issues :wink:

Well, i got “stuck” in prone (accidentally went into prone as well) and couldn’t get up what-so-ever.

My issue is seen in here: Guide: "FNIX Rising" main missions
Look for the “Clearing the Path” mission video and scroll to 3:30.

Once i popped out my AG4, i pressed Z while in ADS, to switch to IR mode but instead, my char went into prone mid shooting. Though, in video, it can be seen that i perhaps i wanted to go in prone (since the movement remains smooth) but reality was that i was frantically smashing Z (to stand up) and C (to get into crouch) and out of the prone but all that without success, until i crawled to the road.

The situation i was in, was a bad one, since you don’t want to be belly down when you get gas mortars lobbed at you. And on Guerilla difficulty, which i was playing at, you will die fast when you can’t get out of that gas fast enough, which you can’t, when you’re in slowest movement mode (prone).

This is never happened to me, I can stand up everywhere for now…

Prone hasn’t been part of the game since launch. It was part of the game in Beta but devs didn’t get it working right and removed it in the launch release. It wasn’t until FNIX Rising update, when Prone made it’s way back to the game but as we all can see, there are plenty of issues when using it.

I can see why they hesitated to put it back in, it’s a little wonky.

I’ve gotten stuck in prone, laying down where the ground is flat, then crawled downhill and being unable to stand up. Annoying when it happens when enemies are near.

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Yes, and for me it is very frustrating, precisely because it puts you in danger or does not let you out. Prone at this point need to be fixed.

What about just taking it out again?

That can’t be done since there are missions in FNIX Rising where you need prone to get access to mission critical spots. Also, there are some houses which you can’t enter and loot without prone.

Plus you get stuck more often since they brought in prone, expecially in seacontainers with loot.
Which is getting more and more annoying, imho

And I think I have definitely more misjumps since the invention of prone

No, I absolutely don’t want it removed, but the exact opposite. I would like it to be fixed to improve the gaming experience. Each of us has a way of playing the same game in a different way, there are those who like to be more careful and play calmly and trying not to be seen, and there are those who are more jaunty and go on without being too many problems. There are those who play at an easy level, others at normal and those who play at a difficult level. In all cases, not having problems of any kind is still important. If at an easy level lying down on the ground is not necessary because the enemies have a more permissive AI and therefore you can go on in Rambo style, at the maximum difficulty level the enemies have more complex routines and alert themselves much earlier and they hear or see you for a long time further away, even at night. So lying down and pulling yourself up, at any time and on 90% of the playing surface is a fundamental thing.

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I agree. I want the prone function to stay in the game and fixed. It can be very useful, especially if you manage to find yourself a vantage point above the machines and just want to play the role of sniper.

I personally have never had a serious issue with it, like going prone and not being able to get back up again. Although it has happened with crouching. Had to move a few feet before I was able to stand up again. Personally my main issue with it is the fact stated at the beginning of this post. You can only go prone on flat or near flat surfaces, making it difficult to use sometimes, as you need to find the right spot to go prone and then crawl over to where you wanted to actually go prone. Kind of ruins its potential.