Ammo acquisition - Please reduce the 44. overflow

I wanted to give my feedback on a crucial point in GenZ: Ammo. All my observation come from an unmodded game with all DLC on Skirmish difficulty.

44 ammo drops are ridiculous on the FNIX class hunters and some other enemies. Normally enemies drop around 2-3 magazines of ammo with Salvage 1, yet after a short while I had more than a thousand rounds of the very weighty 44. ammo because enemies drop like 30-50 rounds for a six-shooter. It’s also only usable on the Magnus and thus very, very niche. First off, it’s a secondary weapon and I wouldn’t choose the 5-star one over any primary and secondly, some more needed ammo types could be moved into the droptable. SMG-ammo and 5.56 doesn’t seem to drop much from any hunter-class enemy and FNIX hunters seem to exclusively drop shotgun ammo and 44, which are both ammo types for very ammo-efficient guns that hardly ever run out. Secondary weapons are exactly that, an emergency solution and I think this is why we don’t need that much revolver ammo.

Now, if we had a primary or another secondary that had a huge clip and would be able to spew out more of that 44 ammo, we could actually use those huge stacks, but at the moment I feel like it’s really a bit too much.


So to confirm, this is being played with all current title updates and DLC.

Yes, I bought it during summer sale and the DLCs right after.

I understood it that the drop rate had improved across the board for both ammo, supplies, and experimental weapons from the update. Though I know that loot is generated at the point of searching the enemy through RNG - I really don’t want to still be picking up pointless supplies once it is to console.

If it becomes a common theme, or additional PC players have experienced the same lack of balance maybe be worth getting it over to bug reports.

I don’t know how many times I wrote this, but I’ll do it again - You don’t have to pick up everything you find.

If you need 9mm SMG ammo - go do some looting in Archipelago region. There you’ll also find a lot of 7,62 FMJ.
Northern parts is where you’ll find 5,56mm. Also Tanks sometimes drop large quantities.

Military Hunters usually drop 7,62, but on occasion you’ll find 5,56 on them.
Prototype Hunters drop a mix od 44 and 7,62
Apoc - 9mm SMG or .247.


Also, if you carry the .44 Magnum with you then you are more likely find more ammo for it than without carrying it with you. It applies to all weapons that you carry with you. That’s another thing to keep in mind.

Ah, so it’s true, I was wondering if this was the case already. So I might as well make this thread about an overflow of secondary weapon ammo. I have noticed FNIX tanks dropping 1000+ of secondary ammo (normal and AP combined) with salvage, which is insane.

Yes, if inventory management wouldn’t be cumbersome it would also not break the flow too much. But this is not about having to pick up everything, this is partly about having an ammo type that is barely used on an enemy that appears very, very often.

You can thank the “Machine Loot” feature for that, which was introduced to the game in June '19 update (notes) due to the popular player request.

The biggest change is how much ammo will drop for all enemy types. We want the amount to better reflect the ammo cost of defeating them. This means that on average you should get back as much ammo as you used to best the machine you fought. On top of that, all machines can now potentially drop health items!


The intention is good for sure and makes a lot of sense, but the weighting is off. I’m not and expert and surely don’t know all players and their playstyles, but who would choose to use a secondary over a primary? Only case I can think of is an experimental gun or using the 44. once in a while to snipe runners when no sniper rifle is at hand, because it’s the only handgun that makes their fuel cell explode in one shot.

Thought I’d chime in on this one.
IMO, every type of ammo in the game is over-abundant, with the exception of shotgun slugs, .270 and .50 cal.
An overhaul of the various enemies ammo drops could be done. There are some logical errors too, I think. The most obvious one must be why .243 is dropped from the Apocalypse machines? That’s the last kind of ammo you need on Himfjäll. In general, FNIX and Apocalypse hunters have the most illogical ammo drops. They are a phenomenal enemy, and it would be nice if their loot reflected that. I don’t use the .243, I don’t use SMG’s as of now, and I only occasionally use the .44 Magnus. This means that my only reason to even bother looting hunters is to look for the occasional medkit, or scraps of .50 cal. This doesn’t really bother me much, but it just makes me wonder what the dev’s thoughts are behind this.

Yeah, having hunting rifle or other less important ammo drops from the hardest enemies kinda misses the point. That being said, I’d also be happy if the ammo loot pool on certain enemies would be more diverse, prototype runners seem to only drop .38 for example. Especially FNIX and Apoc Hunters should have more possible ammo drops to make playing certain weapons on the island and in the northern regions more sustainable.

Looks like you’re still doing the looting the old fashioned way. :roll_eyes: No wonder your arm stats hurting after a while.

To pick up one pile of ammo:

  • move your mouse over it and left click on it once, to select it
  • double tap E key (or whatever you’ve binded the open doors, take etc action)

Why double tap? Pressing E once brings up loot transfer amount pop-up. Pressing E again will transfer entire stack.

To pick up 4 different stacks of ammo, without picking up 5th and final stack:

  • move your mouse over it and left click on it once, to select it
  • double tap E key
  • select next item with your mouse
  • double tap E key again
  • do it 2 times more and you have all items picked up

Also, if the loot item is individual (e.g 1 advanced first aid kit), only one press of E is needed to transfer it over.

And there you have it. Simple, fast and effective way for looting. :wink:

For visual proof, that can be seen from my video (at 7:33) in this topic: Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo. No cumbersome and slow dragging and dropping is seen there when i loot the harv at the end of the battle.

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@Aesyle Good thing explaining it in case someone didn’t know. :wink:
I was skeptical at first about the new inventory system, but after I got all the hotkeys worked in, it really works quite well, and it’s nearly as fast as the old drag-and-drop system. :slight_smile:

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This is exactly why I farm Military Hunters.

Study the machine’s movements long enough, and one comes to realize they all stay patrolling a specific area. The Apoc don’t use 7.62 and take too long to kill anyways, the FNIX use different ammo for the flechettes, but the military are just right. You get a good mixture of ammo for the grenade launcher and 7.62 for the good guns with a small mixture of other things. So I end up taking out a Rival (for easy tracking) Harvester’s missile pod, and I farm the heck out of the Hunter’s for ammo.