Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects

No I’m not sure. I was guessing.

Once the Seeker is aggrod and after it blows it’s horn, seeker remains near you, pinging, making the beep sound with each ping. That ping also distorts your vision for a short while.

Other than that, i have no other clue what those beeps could be. Next guess would be sound SFX error. :thinking:

And something on-topic as well:

Stealthy Resistance robot eyepatch - Low Light function which works only in ADS (since it covers one eye)
Ecto-scientists goggles - Tech View function. Toggeable (but then devs would need to code it such where it covers your eyes in 3rd person view).

I’m aware of the seeker beeps, but these are different. I think that they have to be a audio error.

Regarding night vision: It would be nice if it got some love, current nightvision is very crappy, and adds nothing to the game. I haven’t heard of anyone using it, since the nights are pretty light.

To give more sensible feedback on “crappy”, I mean they are not visibly correct, it simply just adds a monochromatic green screen for you.

A more realistic night vision could be put in place where light lights up very brightly in green and dark stays dark. That’s actually how night vision works. (Light amplification) And the light effect should be a more glowing effect. The same effect “should” be applied to the red dot sites to illuminate them in darkness (but different color of course).

But sure add that to glasses as well, could be cool, and then you could actually combine night vision with infra red or object penetration. Not sure what the result would be… but you could… :smiley:

I have also noticed single beeps in random places. Mostly while walking longer distances, all of a sudden there is a single beep. The rest of the audio seems unaffected.

Yeah, it’s strange. At first I thought it was my headphones or another program.

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The beeping issue is a known bug, reported here.

It’s not related to apparel, so let’s keep on topic, shall we?

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