Bug: Bugs seem to have come back?


I dont remember the patch notes so good, but I think I have read something like this during the year:

  • Fixed hunters fading through walls, and teleporting into bunkers.
  • Fixed flashette weapon not sticking to the character.
  • Fixed sounds from dead robots.

All of the above has started re-occuring on my system.

(Flashette never stopped but I thought it was intentional that the flashette weapon stuck into your skin and exploded.)


Not sure about the hunters. I suspect the flechette rounds to still stick to your guns. And the ghost sounds have be come less, but still are present. In my experience.


Enjoyable game but so many bugs.

Not sure how to report them if anyone knows? I have some video footage to help the devs.

Bugs from yesterday (all multipler):-

2 PC crashes.
1 Instance of falling through the landscape, spawning and then re-falling through the floor (loops until I quit the game).
Robots drifiting into space (flying!) or disappearing when I try and loot them.

Love the whole game though, awseome scenery and the robots are great.