Bug in latest letter from development


“It’s completely optional to your experience but does grant you access to some benefits if you do decide to participate.”

Is inconsistent with

“Having an Avalanche Apex Connect account is not required to play Generation Zero, but you won’t be able to utilize Assignments.”

Keywords here being:
“It’s completely optional to your experience”
“you won’t be able to utilize Assignments.”

Assignments will probably be a good part of the returning users experience for a long time, and thus you WILL be missing out of parts of the game if you opt out.

In another way:
You will miss out on experience unless you get a limited account.

Hence, these statements are contradictory.

A more correct statement would be:
“If you want to use the newly released assignments you need at least the limited account in our new account system”


They mean it’s optional for you to have a lesser experience. But then again, English is not my first language.


Not sure they mean it. They are just trying to make it sound nice.

You want to play the full game (with assignments) you need the account. Nothing optional about it.


Same can be said about DLCs as well. E.g: if you want to play the full game (including Himfjäll and FNIX Rising missions), you have to buy both DLCs.

Thing is, DLCs are optional, just like Apex Connect is. And if you don’t want to buy DLCs or make Apex Connect account, you still can play vanilla GZ. It’s not where having DLCs or Apex Connect is mandatory.


The defender of the realm has appeared!

Well, we are not talking about DLC’s now are we? Lets talk about cheese on the moon. Its just as relevant.


The Shogun of Sorrow has returned from the darkness! :astonished:

We are talking about additional content, which is not mandatory to play the game. If you do not want to register in Apex Connect, that’s you but the fact is: you do not need Apex Connect to play GZ.

For example: State of Decay 2. <- You can not play that game if you haven’t made Xbox account. You won’t even get to the main menu. Same goes to the Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. <- With those games, you’ll need Uplay account.


Yeah I mean. You do not actually need to own a platform to play GZ either, I mean, you can always play it on your friends ps/xbox/PC. So why not just make the game requirements “optional” too?

There was a new feature (separated from content) added to game which you must have an apex account to enable. Hence, it is not optional.


You’re now splitting the hair. :roll_eyes:

Once again:
Do you need Apex Connect to gain access to daily assignments? Yes.
Do you need daily assignments to play GZ? No.

Just like:
Do you need Alpine Unrest DLC to gain access to Himfjäll? Yes.
Do you need Himfjäll to play GZ? No.

If you want to have the optional content, you need to do what is required to get the optional content.
If you do not want to have the optional content, you can still play GZ just fine (aka vanilla game).

Btw, system requirements doesn’t have anything to do with who owns the said system. It doesn’t matter who owns the system (you, your friend or your mother-in-law). What matters, is the said system’s hardware configuration and if it is enough to run the game.