Bullet casings float right in front of the player (AG5)


Platform: PC

Description: Sometimes after few shots with AG5 one bullet casing just stop in mid air. I didn’t noticed this happening with other guns.

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot some 5,56 rounds.

Host or Client: Host/client

Players in your game: 1-4

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070


ive seen this aswell , but not through a scope , the bullet casing floated mid air , but my coop player could not see it , it also happened to the silencer , i’ll try and dupe the bug and post here if successful.


Some additional shots:


Its not only AG5 issue. HP5 also leaves floating bullet cases:


Same problem with my game.


I am maybe nitpicking here but the casing isnt even fired. No strike on the primer :grin:



I am 90% certain that it is the extended barrel issue. I saw no floating cases when I had suppressor installed on my AG5.
Switched back to extended barrel, fired once and bullet casing appeared right in front of me.


I have been seeing this issues more of late do not know what changed to make the frequency increase but it has,


OK, this time I did a little bit more thorough investigation of this bug and it appears that bullet casings are left floating with both extended and standard barrel.