Bullet casings float right in front of the player

Platform: PC

Description: Sometimes after few shots with AG5 one bullet casing just stop in mid air. I didn’t noticed this happening with other guns.

Steps To Reproduce: Shoot some 5,56 rounds.

Host or Client: Host/client

Players in your game: 1-4

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

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ive seen this aswell , but not through a scope , the bullet casing floated mid air , but my coop player could not see it , it also happened to the silencer , i’ll try and dupe the bug and post here if successful.

Some additional shots:

Its not only AG5 issue. HP5 also leaves floating bullet cases:

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Same problem with my game.

I am maybe nitpicking here but the casing isnt even fired. No strike on the primer :grin:


I am 90% certain that it is the extended barrel issue. I saw no floating cases when I had suppressor installed on my AG5.
Switched back to extended barrel, fired once and bullet casing appeared right in front of me.

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I have been seeing this issues more of late do not know what changed to make the frequency increase but it has,

OK, this time I did a little bit more thorough investigation of this bug and it appears that bullet casings are left floating with both extended and standard barrel.


When using the AG5 with the Scope, many times a bullet “stays trapped” on the scope.
The bullet stays while pointing.
A minor visual bug


Platform PS4

Solo session

1/1 players

Steps to reproduce : Equip AG5 with a scope, point while starting a full mag and shoot.

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Merged bug reports about the same issue.


X-KVM 59 also leaves floating cases… with links still attached to them.

The game slows down and runs like a PowerPoint presentation

My current theory is the floating bullet that sometimes happens with the ag5 (and most other rifles) slows down the game it only happens if I don’t move from the place with the bullet fast enough

Same issue topics merged.


happened with me earlier today too

it is common but not game breaking bug

I play on PS4, and this glitch appears to be present in essentially all automatic weapons and occasionally in semi-automatic weapons.

When in battle, i find that frequently, the spent bullet casings will appear in the scope of, for instance, (but not limited to) the N16, and only disappear when you release the “aim” button, and then press it again. This, as I said before, in my experience happens to all automatic weapons. However, in certain cases, I’ve found that the semi-automatic weapons like the .50 cal also does this (both standard, and experimental).

Merged with existing reports covering the same issue.