Can we get a new image when you first launch the game?


Can you make this the new image when you launch the game to start playing it?


Perhaps there is a way for user to change the main menu background image. How that’s done - only dev can say it.

Though, i love the current main menu background image (apo tank on Himfjäll). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Backgrounds are stored in Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Cache

The largest file is the main background - try saving your file as PNG, rename it and replace the original file.


That’s a great picture! :smile: Nicely done @Aquablade95 :metal:


Is the guitar a skin or how did you get that one into the picture?


Guitar is one of the new musical emotes that you can get from completing Himfjäll challenges. Though, you need Alpine Unrest DLC for that.


aha. i have completed all missions, found all stuff and so on, so I should have it then. Thanks!


No, you’ll have to work for it :wink:


Thank you keep up the great work ^-^


I play on Playstation