Can we please have lights!

Ok, i don’t know about you, but would it be possible to turn on the lights in the bunkers, especially in these that we have engaged the generators. Its pretty boring to go back to a bunker and running through corridors and there is no lights. I have been to some of these bunkers (Bergrum) in real life and i know that they are self sufficient. And that they would almost never be out of power.

So let there be LIGHT!

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Doesn’t your flashlight suffice when exploring darker areas of the bunker? :thinking:

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There’s night vision ingame. Could be cool to have some night vision goggles one could equip and switch on/off. Atmospheric, too.


Actually, it can become a thing. Since there already are at least 2x sets of glasses that give you different visual effect when wearing them.


3x sets of glasses actually.

1st one is glasses with nose and mustache (bunker 666 in Farmlands), 2nd one is hypno glasses (ruined tower in Mountains region) and 3rd one is heart shaped glasses. Though, i have no clue where the 3rd one is.


that’s exactly what I’ve said why don’t you merge these to prevent new topics as you always do

Night vision goggles could be a new crafting recipe using goggles,adhesive,plastic,low light vision module this would be great for night time rival farming and this could be upgraded with heat vision and tech just so you don’t have to hold a button whilst walking. This would help to actually see at night and you can analyse your enemies without the faff of binoculars. This would add some sense of atmosphere and it would improve hunting and surviving in the game.

Please like and share this so the devs notice!!! :+1:t5:


I like the idea, but couple of things.

Nights are really bright, you can see well enough without nightvision. And nightvision in binoculars are pretty bad.
If these where also addressed, makes this idea even better.

I know bright nights are game play design. Some like it, and others want it darker.

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For me my TV is old soo it looks alot darker on YouTube I do wander half the time why it’s so bright for them :sweat_smile:

The one time when NVGs would be useful is moving around in un-powered bunkers. At the same time, when things go pitch black, they’re pitch black.

At the same time, being able to just, straight up, mount the optics modules to our vision with some kind of googles would be really neat.

that would be awesome to implement monoculars into the game

Do you wanna run with something like this?image

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Hell yes how long have you been doing this that’s exactly what I was thinking omfg

That could be the dilapidated version then they could go more bad ass 80’s style after-woods as the tiers increase!

Alright, I wasn’t sure since the topics differ a bit but I’ve merged them now.

Indoor lighting is definitely too dark, I shouldn’t have to use my torch in a house when the lights are technically on. Outside lighting is perfect for me though and changing it would damage the visuals artistically IMO.

Remember, game takes place in the 80’s with 80’s tech in houses. Back then, there were no LED light bulbs where one could illuminate the whole room. Only incandescent light bulbs were available then and e.g 45W light bulb (to save power) or even 60W light bulb (most common) weren’t enough alone to illuminate proper sized room.


Hmm. I see where you’re coming from but I would have been 6 years old at the time of the game and I never remember being in the dark this much. I still think what they’re going for here is artistic even if it’s unrealistic.

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