Colorblind Friendly Options?

This isn’t so much for myself, but was brought up by a friend of mine who is colorblind. He has asked me if there is an option for a colorblind filter, to which I sadly had to say there wasn’t. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement a colorblind feature, but it would be a nice QoL feature. Thoughts?


Well, it’s a lot of coding. :thinking:

Also, found this regarding colorblind feature in games:

  1. Whole screen filters are, typically, not the best approach to colorblind accessibility.
  • Colorblind people see a limited range of colors.
  • Compressing the entire color palette pushes hues away from the problematic areas and bunches them closely up against other hues, swapping color clashes for other color clashes.
  • Changing all of the colors that are distinguishable to those with colorblindness makes the game look bizarre and unnatural.
  • Do not alter that which does not need to be altered.
  • Help the player distinguish between vital information necessary to play the game.
  • A player should not experience colors in games differently than they perceive them naturally in the world.
  1. Ideally, provide the option to let players select and customize colors for vital information.
  • These can be applied to outlines, health bars, icons, names, object indicators, etc.
  • “One size does not fit all”
  • There are varying degrees of colorblindness, so customization can offer a personal and, ultimately, more optimal experience.
  1. Avoid relying on color alone (by adding symbols, text, varying enemy design, etc.).
  • If not possible, include a simple color palette that can be used as a single-color choice that is not problematic for those with colorblindness (e.g., dark orange/light blue).
  • If neither of these are possible, a brief review of the game aspects that absolutely need to be differentiated in order to successfully play the game (e.g., teammates vs. enemies) can be done to decide if specific UI/gameplay elements can be modified.


Above source also has several examples of games that have colorblind feature and article itself is a good read.

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My father is colourblind and plays GZ extensively without any issues. Most issues he’s had with games are generally with the UI and with GZ being cooperative it doesn’t fall in to the trap that a lot of online shooters fall into where friends / foes / objectives etc. are in colours that could be easily confused.

Also the map and UI uses iconography and labels rather than relying on colours for the legend and to show the ammo types etc. so I think the game, while not having colourblind features per se is quite friendly regards the most common types of colourblindness.

As for how difficult to implement? I think it depends on how the assets and palettes are stored. But (to my mind) to implement custom palettes for the UI and maps etc. would be extremely hard to retrofit unless it was built with that feature in mind from the start of the project.

But I whole heartedly agree that more games should feature colour blind features! There are a few games my Dad and I have played where trying to direct him to a location / feature has been a nightmare; “it’s near the big red icon”. “what red icon?” “you mean the green one?” :man_facepalming:t2:

You did not mention what platform your friend is. On PC side with Nvidia display card, Geforce Experience offers some help. There is filters which you can add on game, and there is colour-blind options. With protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia settings available. Hope this would give your friend some help.

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Think I have seen similar settings on Xbox and tried them out.