Completed everything, now what to do?

Now that my things to do list in the stats says 100% down the screen what is there to do now? Here are a few of the things I have done while waiting for updates.

Other than just exploring the lands and taking in the beauty I did other things too.

I made up personal challenges for myself, like how fast can I get a new character to level 31. Which then led to how fast can I get to 2 million overall experience points then it was to 4 million. I also tried to see how long it takes to get to skill level 31 without using but the first 12 points, a lot longer and harder than just using them as you go. Want to know how big a difference the skills make, play without them.

Before the reaper, grinding to get all 8 rivals to spawn in each region and then only tanks and harvesters in each region and get them to level 4. Talk about a lot of just grinding. Lucky for me, the “bugs” where we had plenty of machines in areas that helped achieve this one, but I lost my save file on it.

A few co-op games we tried seeing how far we could be blasted off the cliff near that one safe house with the town below. Which lead to being blasted censored. One of the ways my death count climbed so high but jumping off different stuff to see if my character would die didn’t help.

Somewhere along the way I started to pick on the machines and finding weaknesses that may be censored if I talked about. I would say that they don’t like you jumping on them, and they will not give you a ride. They hate that.

Most recent fun stuff was trying to figure out various places to jump up to, that is ongoing and has helped in my battles with the machines.

I am sure other players have invented there on time management ways in Gen Zero, please share them!

Where do you see 100%, in Stats I don’t see that. You have a pic?

I did a few things to keep me busy:

  • I tried to find structures to jump or climb on that aren’t per se trivial, without making use of explosives or field radio’s.
  • I also like to add places and interesting scenes or things we can find in the game-world, on a map, to help remember where I saw these things.
  • Made many photo routes to document the beauty of Generation Zero.

Opps! :blush: In the “LOG” column, there is nothing more to do so 100%!

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Try to get every single weapon in every single rarity, I do this and I’m only missing one 4c weapon, five 2c weapons and two 1c weapons. After that I will do the same for attachments, because what is more fun than doing painful things. You should try, but I warn you, it will get boring and take forever!

:grin: O no, not for me, I throw everything away I don’t have use for. But it will keep you busy, indeed.
Is there space enough to keep all those weapons and attachments?
And I guess you want find them yourself, or do you allow yourself to accept weapons from other players?

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My personal opinion?
Games aren’t meant to be played for thousands of hours! I have played GZ for 320’ish hours, spread over almost 3 years. For me, that’s a lot of playtime, and I feel satisfied so far. I have not collected collectibles, because I don’t care about that. I play for as long as I feel entertained, then I take a break. Last time I played GZ was may 18’th of this year. Next time I play will be when new content releases. :wink:


Have you seen Gysbert’s completed game list…I’m going for that one next year. Hopefully with the Fancy set, it will be all done.


Some of the things are not possible unless they are put back into the game like the gnome masks and the holy grenade. What are the easter eggs?

Other than all those things that are no longer possible, I have them all. But there are a few of the challenges that I just don’t want to do. Bashing machines and using the mag .44 I just don’t want to do.

Here’s an easter egg…

Oh to late, it’s an easter chick now…

You probably have found these too.

  • Stairway to heaven reference
  • Back to the future reference
  • Alien facehugger reference
  • The shining reference
  • Animal Farm (snowball) reference
  • Dark Souls” Bonfire reference
  • The Berlin Wall has fallen (9 nov 1989 newspaper) reference
  • Pontus fall reference (not really a easter egg)
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Why not? You can damage the machines to get them close to dying, and finish them of with the basher.

Well you could always be given a grenade from a player on the same platform as you, and I can confirm the Masks are still available post resistance so it is still possible.


Try to level up Archipelago region to max level (the other ones are easy) :upside_down_face:

I’m slowly getting there :crazy_face:

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OMG, hard is not a word I would use to get this region past level 12. Before the reaper I was trying to get all 8 rivals to visit and closest I came was 6. I was riding a bike all over the place looking for anything to shoot at that would give the region points. My region is at level 6, I think, with 2 rivals. A tank and a harvester. I destroyed all the hunter rivals in hopes that something better would visit.

There was a little cave on the east end of that region that I can’t find anymore. I think one of the updated caused it to become just part of the hill it was in.

I really don’t like the .44mag and bashing the machines is personal issues of my own. Sorry for not giving a better reason.

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I’m gonna try force a Reaper to mine after Resistance. He can just stay there then as a pet lol

Been there, done that, got 3 (three) consecutive reapers there.
I can even write you a detailed route.

Did you try tank taming, giving a harvester dance classes or riding a seeker?

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