Creative Mode:Build a Bunker

@Jekyll gave me an idea by mentioning creative mode.

There should be a mode where we build a bunker for other people to explore.

you place loot, weapons, and machines wherever you want.

there could be an objective to it like they have to get to access a radio or warboard inside.
up to you if you want to make them turn on power, go through gas-filled corridors, make a room full of hunters or whatever.
not sure if it works having a tank or harvester in a bunker but we can figure it out

the bunker could be in a specific spot on the map where the host sets scanners to let guest players in or not or just separate mode entirely.
once you go in one you have no inventory, maybe just the flashlight so you have to find whatever the builder left you to survive. when you leave your player’s inventory goes back to what it was going in, it’s just a mode for fun, not farming.

we could have to collect blueprints, plans or items in the main game (the same way we get clothing and collectibles, they take up no inventory space) that unlocks things in a build a bunker mode. the machine blueprints we can already find can serve as this function for unlocking the machines.

what do you think?


I feel like this would be kind of cool but having so many different modes would make the game take up so much storage. All though if this was in game then what would the players exploring your bunker have weapon and ammo wise

whatever you leave for them to find. maybe it could start you out automatically with something so troll builders don’t just build impossible death mazes

Didnt every PC player purchased independent terrabyte+ storage for his games already?
I know few games that take about 7-10 gb for itself and 100+ gb for addons for it. It can be here too. I love those features, want to dig dirt and stone, craft materials, buy them from mainland by requesting with radio chats, build my own Mansion with underground bunker, maybe some like Nest from one 2000’s movie…
And reverse develop robots to construct new types, sell them, buy new features and tech, develop new models, on and on, yeah!