Current Known Issues


Hi all!

Here are some “known” issues you may encounter during the closed beta, there’s no need to submit these as bug reports.

|Multiplayer Invites| There can be problems inviting friends to private games. Workaround: temporarily set game to public, invite friend, then set back to private once full. Your friend should be on the game start menu screen when receiving the invite.

|Gameplay| Guests in a game looting mission items can “lock” the mission chain permanently. To workaround please ensure that the host ONLY picks up mission items. Should you experience bug then regrettably the only way to continue is to delete your save file from the main game directory.

|Enemies| Enemies can sometimes be seen jumping / teleporting short distances

|Enemies| Tank can sometimes be seen sliding / turning quickly|No Workaround

|Items| First Aid Kits can sometimes be consumed but do not restore the player’s health (Workaround: Quit the game and then relaunch

|Door| Doors can sometimes be seen flickering between open and closed. Colliding / interacting with the doors will fix this.

|Graphics| (Xbox Only) Graphical flickering / intense lighting effects can appear. Opening and closing the menu may fix this, if the effect persists exit to the Main Menu and then Continue.

|Gameplay| At start of game there is a shed containing multiple collectibles. It’s best to AVOID picking these up, as these will artificially give a high amount of experience, potentially making leveling through the beta irrelevant.

Medikits not wokring
Xbox one crashes
XBox One: Hang and Shutdown


Skills: Hip Shot Accuracy
The skill is inverted and purchasing skill will increase negative spread.


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Nice collection! Very helpful.


I have played some of the Closed Beta and have located some bugs.

  1. Sometimes you can grab items through vehicles or barriers

  2. You cannot crawl through obvious openings in the environment

  3. I have come across a shed with floating items/etc. Location is included in the pictures


Another bug i just found is if you jump into a flickering door you get thrown away like 10 meters (Only work on cars)


[Xbox One] Can confirm med kits consuming and not healing, enemies clipping and teleporting, intense visual flickerin(changing camera angle temporarily fixes this), floating loot, character “bounced” meters away when colliding with certain terrain(rocks for me).


My game has crashed twice and shut down my Xbox


Generation Zero
Bug Report

I was halted near the end of the 1st island and here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

Platform XBox One

Steps To Reproduce
•couldn’t interact with bag on passenger seat of police car until I respawned
•had to manually attach bullets to firearm to use (unusual)
•propane tanks non-explosive (aww)
•I like the sounds of the different textures like going through grass or rocks or tree branches & bushes
•found a long gash looking through the ground to water beneath in the northeastern point of the first Island along 4 trees
•froze while scrolling on map and it shut down my XBox
•while playing the game, XBox says I’m at the home screen instead of playing Generation Zero Beta
•cannot invite or join friends that are also playing the beta (may be because have isn’t completely downloaded - started playing at around 22%)
•dropping items on the floor leaves a small backpack that is not removed when you pick them back up again
•stacking too many items in one place on floor seems to delete overflow of items
•Health packs consumed even when they aren’t (sometimes) filling health bar - sometimes fixed with a respawn
•floating backpack by picnic tables in northeast of Castle at overlook
•at house NNW of Shooting Practice barn, cannot access box under bed of small upstairs bedroom
•enemies having issues negotiating past corners of houses when “Red”
•getting a lot of rubber banding approaching the westernmost UHF Dark Zone from ANY direction - map inaccessible past Shooting Practice barn - cannot advance any further!
•trapped upon entering containers at 3224.377, 3029.140
•stuck inside yellow truck at 1318.028, 3372.631 - barely managed to spam jump my way out
•when adding rounds from the inventory to a weapon, it may replace all your reserve ammo instead of adding to it - adding a different type of ammo without first removing current type deletes currently equipped ammo
•semitruck outside barn at 511.536, 3679.922 (just south of big robot) has an additional door equipped to each side
•after discovering a safehouse (south of robot tank), XBox shut itself down and restarted
•I was able to crouch at the edge of the clearing to the Robot Tank and initiate battle, wait for it to clear, rinse and repeat until I had all my skills maxed (491.799, 3601.378)
•need more patrols - most of the enemies are clustered around structures and the world feels sort of empty and without danger when traveling, but maybe that’s fine for the starting area
•double doors equipped to 2 quadcons (front and back) holding inactive robots on the shoreline at 1301.691,3103.786 (collectible attached)
•the hunting scope doesn’t seem to work well on the automatic rifles - maybe we should get to pick what attachment goes on what weapon. Like that Red Dot that I’m carrying around (and still can’t figure out what it goes to)? Why can’t I just put it on my pistol?
•stacking is having a few problems in the inventory - especially with ammo
•sometimes get notification for inventory full when it isn’t - even a couple times for apparel items
•received several duplicate apparel
•the generic, white “First Aid Kit” & the “Standard First Aid Kit” have identical descriptions, but take up separate inventory slots
•can’t access box under upstairs bed even when prone - Saltham, 1808.535, 3041.552
•dispite selecting English subtitles and English language, they are in Swedish, haha
•In Salthamn, had bad clipping after exiting first Civil Defense house 19290000.958, 3111.066 - after quitting and reloading, I exited the Bunker Safe House and the town was full of massive, earth-coloured spikes clipping up through most of the town - solved with game shutdown & restart
•sometimes doors make the houses feel crowded - they can block the way or hit objects
•marker not showing up for The Road to Salthamn mission - had to search ALL the houses again
•the supplementary notes for The Road to Salhamn mission weren’t obvious to find and the map’s house numbers are mostly illegible
•when selecting loot from containers, need a quick option to differentiate between take all and take only selected (perhaps “X” for take all or simply hit “A” on each item that you want without having to go down and confirm and accidentally take all
•always booted from games where I was the client - play time varied
•why can’t we shoot out of windows?
•need option to fast travel to teammates or at least spawn nearby
•maybe add some cue when you were low on health
•was finally able to progress past UHF station when joining another player’s game

Images / Videos N/A

Host or Client Host

Players in your game 1 (self)

Specifications Standard XB1


i have something! which was rather odd i finished playing it with not really many problems other then feeling it a bit empty maybe add some patrols random here and there idk… but i noticed while playing a giant tank monster! so i figured i shall kill it! well before i even killed it i went from level 15 to max level from escaping it while reloading my weapon and sitting about 10/20 meters away and then kept going so max level before i killed him… could have reached max level with probably around 50 bullets :stuck_out_tongue:


[Xbox one] The tape located next to the phone in the house at 2286.948, 2899.690 did not play when I clicked on it. Im assuming the tape had some backstory so it’s a shame I didn’t get to hear it.


There seems to be an invisible wall blocking the the console at UHF Darkzone 2262.473, 3102 372.

Maybe we’re not supposed to access this yet and it is deliberate?


also when there is a distress becon you will be stuck inside the container only way out fast travel


wiggles that what I saw too


[PC] when fmj rounds are used on handgun it does less damage more inaccuracy and no amour damage


Multiplayer crashes Xbox|
Whenever I play multiplayer, the game will freeze after about 30 minutes of play then my Xbox will crash and shut itself off.

This has happened three times. Two times when I joined someone else’s game and one time when they joined my game.

The platform used is specifically Xbox One S.


This floating patch of grass near the castle launched me into the air :smiley:

Found some floating items in a shed near the spawn and some other items throughout the map

I’ve encountered some flickering, nothing major
FOV slider goes only to 80
Can’t seem to change keybinds
Shooting from close distance with the shotgun didn’t seem to do much damage
Enemies can see you through walls
Enemies still in attack mode after you die making it difficult to revive
I was able to see item outlines through walls
The menu buttons dont respond very well
The option to loot an enemy dissapeared even though I didnt loot it

Some issues I encountered while playing :wink: :slight_smile:


I agree with the shotgun damage. Even the pistol does more damage.


I also have found a bug in the Xbox one where during play it shuts down/ restarts my console without warning. Anyone else have this issue??