Current Known Issues


Frame drop when opening door


i have some kind of bug or idk but i cant turn. the game doesnt let me turn with my mouse.



  • There’s a tin shack somewhere off the main road where if you walk inside and jump up, you can jump through the roof and even outside if you jump the right way
  • Stackable items don’t calculate the number of inventory spaces consumed correctly when trying to loot all from a box/bag. Ex. If your inventory is full and you already have stacks of hairpins and adrenaline shots, both of which are stackable items, trying to loot all will tell you that you don’t have enough inventory space. It won’t let you loot them until you drop 3 inventory items, and then it will put those items in the respective stacks anyway
  • Hovering a clothing item that shows one of those spinning avatars will cause the avatar to flicker and spin really fast if you go to loot the item and your inventory is already full
  • Leaves seem to fly into rooms in second story buildings even if all windows are closed
  • Chairs can get lodged halfway through doors in buildings if you open the door and there’s a chair right behind the door


Bug encountered:
Console: Xbox one X
Single player

Game crashed when viewing map & restarted xbox

Bug when trying to heal, used bandages and first aid, item was used, no health gained.

Unable to pick up all items from a backpack, advising inventory is full (items were health, flare and a clothing item) Had two slots free and i was able to pick them all up individually.

Placed a gas caniseter on the ground, then re-picked it back up, item didn’t appeared in inventory.

After reloading the game to fix the first aid bug, walked towards the castle, a skewed glitched copy of the landscape and trees would flicker ontop of the current landscape.


I am having similar bugs to Steamydog. Items are not stacking properly when picking up or claiming that my inventory is full, even when I have open slots. Items that are picked up are also not stacking with items on the hotbar.


Am I wrong or is there no crouch? I can go into prone, but that’s it.
I also learned something odd - When you normally press prone, it lowers you down the ground slowly. If you press crouch when using ADS it goes fast. Not sure if this is intended.

It looks odd if you are prone and then move forward when you are using ADS - it flicks back and forth.

In a telephone booth you can jump through the ceiling and see sky if you jump/move around enough.

I noticed graphic stuttering - more like odd visual effects when looking at trucks with grey/white stripes and other striped textures (like whoa I’m gonna have a seizure type thing). Also, in the vault that has a power generator room - some of the things on the wall would disappear/reappear when you move back and forth.

Finally, I was not able to loot bags/boxes that were under one of the bunk beds and under the shelves in one of the warehouses, it seems that there is an issue with looting things that are underneath a structure.

That’s all I’ve seen so far. Nothing major, just minor graphic glitches like others have already posted on this thread (floating grass/objects, chair in a table)


I too have seen chairs half-way through doors.


I also noticed problems looting boxes underneath structures. There’s one under a bunkbed in some building that I was unable to loot no matter if I was standing, crouched, or prone.


biddin you should have a gasmask


This happened to me as well, I went to the same place and it happens consistently when trying to open the Salthamn red house garage nearest to the lake

That’s the only place it happens to me though


PC Issue

After dropping the .243 Hunting Rifle and picking it back up again. I lost all my ammo for the rifle and even afterwards when I picked up more of the .243 ammo it does not appear in my inventory or my rifle. So now I have a giant door stop in my inventory.


Get a friend in with you, give them the rifle. Let them shoot a few rounds and then have them drop the rifle again. Ammo should appear!


could y please help me i cant look around. :call_me_hand:


Radios call them but they shoot you…flares disorient and they shoot at the flare till it’s burnt out… firecrackers just mess up their targeting


Ah I see. I’ll have to give that a try then.

Also I don’t know if this is an issue or if this was intentionally made. I walked over to a explosive barrel and when I bumped into it, I’m talking like I was inching towards it and then I slightly walked into it and BOOM I was blown to smithereens lol



Just walk to this locations.

Images / Videos:

“Road decal bug” video

Solo player
Intel i7 6700K, GeForce 1060 3Gb, 16 Gb 1886 Mhz RAM, Win 10


yes happends with me also 2 times.


You don’t have to equip the lockpicks at all.
Just have some in your inventory and buy the lockpicking skill.
If you have a locked door (like the hut on the hill of the VESSLAN command bunker) you will be able to open it by holding the button and one lockpick will be removed from your inventory. It’s not that complicated.


While i was outside, my friend was inside of the house and searching for loot. He had his flashlight turned on. I could see his light beam going thru walls of the house and highlight stuff outside of the house.


Platform: PC
Graphics card: 7870 (minimum)
Settings: All lowest

A few bugs I’ve noticed:

  • When picking up stuff with just one empty slot, I could just pick up one thing at a time. It was like the item was transferred to the empty slot in my inventory then it was checked if it would stack somewhere. The workaround was to only pick up one item at a time.
  • At sunset/sunrise the texture would start flashing like a strobe light, this can of course had something to do with my shitty graphics card, but i lowered the setting to the lowest possible and have the minimum required graphics card.
  • I saw at least 3 chairs through doors, usually to the right above the stairs when there was a smaller room and a bathroom.
  • I went into the rado-container at the abandoned fishing village and could not interact with it and i also got stuck and could not move. Had to use an explosive to kill my self to get unstuck.
  • I had problems using the first aid kit at some times. But then I got “hit” a second time and lost more health, then it would work again. This caused me to lose some first aid kits as they did not have any effect.
  • I looted a weapon before I found the mission to find the weapon (a bit confusing), so the mission was instantly completed. But, when I died and passed the point where the mission was, I was alerted that I had not completed it yet.

Overall i think the game is really fun and beautiful and as a swede I feel really at home! I saw some things about blueprints but would be nice to see some tutorial where the weak-spots of the machines are.