Current Known Issues


You don’t need to hold the pins in the hand, just have them in inventory to be able to use them, you need the right skill too use them.


If you didn’t know some robots like the runners have a pack ontop of their back that is a weak spot, killing robots you learn where the weak spots are, I for one don’t want a tutorial to show me where everything is that makes the game to easy and I rather not have it that way.


With the full inventory thing, I loot 1 item at a time and it stacks so no need to drop anything. All you need to know is how much an item can stack max without taking up another inventory slot.



Aiming at ticks would make them explode

When I was in the last mission bunker “vesslan” or something, there was 2-3 seekers outside and on top of the bunker, spotting me while I was insider.

Runner stuck their heads through the door in the first church


AMD 1600, 8gb ram, rx480


On PC:

I found was that in the inventory, the message to say what the item was would stop showing. I don’t have any screenshots sadly.
I felt that the inventory to be quite fiddly when moving items to quick slots.
When looting, the take all option is slow to respond, sometimes leading me to fire a shot as I do.
Some guns wouldn’t show that I had ammo even though it was in my inventory, had to manually drop it onto the gun.
Couldn’t find how to change key bindings, as a leftie this is a pain!
First Aid not working (already listed).
Found a few areas where I could prone into rocks.


Platform: PC
Host, playing solo
CPU: Core i7-7820X
RAM: 32
GPU: GTX 1080ti (driver v399.07)
OS: Win7 x64

great game, even for single player. and surprisingly bug-free. only a few things i’ve noticed.

• when setting graphics to “Ultra”, every setting should be at Ultra (shadow quality for example)
• hitboxes for crates with items placed inside should be concave, to avoid “floating props” when getting near those crates
• plants in flowerpots (on balcony) should receive wind and react accordinlgy, like every other plant outside
• ladders which lean toward houses (even if just deco/setdressing props) should be climbable
• props sometimes clip into the floor (chairs on a patio floor for example)
• items you can pickup sometimes float from 20cm to up to 2m from the floor
• when opening the map with “M”, the mouse is ignoring the first click, therefore resulting in a floating minimap until you click again
• game braking bug: you can’t reach the computer terminal inside the container, coordinates: 2262.687 , 3105.998
• structures outside such as containers or sheds should not allow particles to go through walls
• when in inventory, first mouseclick (for drag’n drop action for example) is ignored
• when leaving game and re-joining, “scripted items” you previously picked up will now be invisible but will still have the pickup icon above
• “hold [E] open” should be visible when looking anywhere at a door instead of only the handle
• when opening a truck door, decals on that door will begin to flicker
• when using medkit, associated animation sometimes not triggered
• there is certain sound effects missing (for example knocking over metal candle holder inside church or shooting the big bell)
• use a different projection method when placing water puddles on uneven terrain, see coordinates: 3342.207 , 2406.396
• animation of limbs in “Bleeding out mode” sometimes spazzing out
• “godray” effect from moonshine is shooting through the mountain

• There should be a key binding for “Take All” (when looting)
• when in crouch mode, “Spacebar” should perform “walking stance” instead of “jump”
• water puddles should use realtime reflection instead of cubemaps
• the hitbox of the static mesh version of the bicycle should be overhauled
• seawater/waves is clipping through the floor of the rowboat
• the fps hero “arms/weapon/equipped item” should get wet when it’s raining
• when in “Apparel” Menu, “Right Click” should be able to be used to go back in menu, same goes for the entire menu navigation
• lower body/legs etc. in first person would be a nice touch
• unlocking skill should be doable with “Double Click”
• you should still be able to sprint when releasing the “Shift” button or make it a toggleable option in the control settings
• watch the projection for decals near corners to avoid stretching (bloody fingerprints near lightswitch in first house for example)
• watch out when placing foliage near walls to avoid clipping, especially for structures outside (the shed next to the church for example)
• lod distance for very small props should be increased (see magnets on the drawing board inside the church for example)
• the flashlight effect when it’s hitting smoke in the night should be toned down at least a notch, to avoid overly bright smoke inside the light cone
• modular assets array for house interiors are very similar for almost each indoor area (room placement, furniture placement)


  • This house has no stairwell. It’s located directly east of the Port on the other coast.

(I got up there by jumping from the counter, to the cabinet, to the light while wearing legendary sneakers.)

Edit: It’s the same house Noguyy found.

  • The safe-house that’s in in the upper floor of a barn that has the doors wide open by default is not safe (nor technically a house). If you fast travel there while low on health, there is a good chance you will die, as the bots can run up the ramp and nail you.