Details with the skybox


Over the past year(s) in Generation zero, I’ve never really looked up to the sky in fascination, because it had became dull. Same weather, same clear night sky, and the list goes on. I’ve been patient with this game since the beginning, acknowledging the game’s sense of newness. Calmly letting the devs know what they need to work on. And this is one of them.

Thanks to the devs with all of their hard work! :slight_smile:


I like your avatar. :wink:


Woh man, same. Play Xbox?


I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :smile:


Yes, the sky/weather/lighting system is one of the things that sets GZ apart from most games. You can stand on a hill and do nothing for an hour and still be entertained. I cannot think of any other game that delivers that.


Not in graphical content, but Silent Hunter submarine games has accurate night sky with star patterns and daylight changed during year. And also depending your longitude.

First things in some games is i look up into night sky and check if it has real star patterns or just fake dots spammed around.


Sorry. I have it on PS4.