Disembodied robot sounds



Platform: PC, Win10

Description: After clearing an area (like a settlement or farm) from robots, occasionally there are robot idle/combat sounds coming from some random place (spawn location?) although there are no robots at that spot, alive or dead.

Steps To Reproduce: Unclear, does not occur every time. But I’d say this is pretty close:

  1. Kill a bunch of robots
  2. Die in combat (remaining robots moving away or start patrolling)
  3. Respawn in safehouse nearby
  4. Travel back
  5. Sounds of robots from the battlefield

Images / Videos: Sorry, no.

Host or Client: Host (mostly single player)

Players in your game: Me.

CPU: i5 8600k@4.68 GHz
RAM: 32GB RAM 3000MHz
MB: ASUS Z370-H Gaming


Heyo, this issue has already been reported across all platforms, and also made a place in The List :slight_smile:


Oh, aight. Thought I looked for it, but obviously not well enough. :smiley:


I made a post about it a while ago, with a video. Oddly enough, with nearly the same title as yours :smile:

It’s been acknowledged, but apparently not a priority as of yet. I hope it gets fixed soon.