Distance render

Firstly, love the game super fun. Problem I’m having, I’m on PS4 and I’m doing the challenges for the titles and stuff and one of the challenges requires you to shoot and kill an enemy that’s 300 and 375 meters away. Dope I love the challenge but I will accept a challenge like that when I can see them from that distance :sob::sob:.
Please fix!!

This is actually quite an easy task. Though I get what you mean it is a shot beyond rendering distance. I stood at hikers barrack and fired rockets at the archipelago till it triggered a 645 m shot. Totally blind shot though.

-Hello Generation Zero :grinning:
Same problem on PS4, Marksman trophy is impossible to do.
We can’t see enemies more than 250 meters away, they simply disappear from the screen after 250 meters…

Hope a fix for the last trophy!
Thank you and best wishes :alien:

(Maybe put this topic in Support and Bug Reports)

-Other players are talking about it on the internet:



-A video of the problem in question:

You could try to reduce the fov setting. Lower fov = less rendered objects in fov = more objects in further distances may be rendered.

Another workaround:
Play with at least two players in total. A spotter and a shooter. The spotter runs or drives close to the machines while the shooter, who can’t see the targets from his/hers position fires with rockets at the spotters position.

As soon as you destroyed a target and the challenge is counted, change roles.

We don’t have these options on PS4 :pensive:

Maybe it has another name, but it is there.
I’m playing the PS4 Version, too.

Here a screenshot of mine:

You do have this option. You find it in the general setting areas area where you change stuff like Hold to interact and Difficulty

Aaah yes! Sorry :blush:
I tried with the minimum option (50), and its the same, enemies disappear after 250 meters…