Empty toolboxes after June update

Platform: PC (save made before June update)

Description: toolboxes are still empty after update

Steps To Reproduce: open a toolbox and get nothing.
Images / Videos:

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: me

Specifications:CPU Intel Core i7-9700k
Winows 10
64 bit

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Thanks for reporting.

Passed Norra Saltholmen it seems the toolboxes don’t contain loot. The ammo boxes, weapon boxes and backpacks still contain loot. And you will find loot in the toolboxes before Norra Saltholmen.

We are looking into fixing this.


Would love it if it is fixed but I swear that it only happened after the April or may update

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I agree, this started with the May update and was reported by multiple users in the forums and during live streams where it was disregarded as players just needing to wait the 4 hour game play timer. Thanks for looking at this Kimchi!


I’ve noticed this as well. Good to see it’s being acknowledged. In the meantime, I’m very glad to find medpacks on enemies now. Makes survival a lot more manageable.


Please fix it’s been like this for over a month easy hotfix

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Platform: PC

Description: I have installed the latest update for the game which it clearly reads “No more empty spawning loot containers!” (Patch notes June). And despite this change I find empty loot containers. I have tried to restart the game but it still spawns with no loot.

Steps To Reproduce: N/a

Images / Videos: N/a

Host or Client: Host

Specifications: Gtx 1070, I5 8400, 16GB Ram and Game installed on SSD

The multiplayer problem has been present since launch. This also started happening in single player for a lot of folks since last month’s patch. @MalteBGM hasn’t specified if he’s seeing it in single player or as a client in coop.

Same here, no loot.
have searched 22

Same thing with Xbox

Seeing this as well, single player game, moving to an area I’ve never been, so all loot containers should be full, but all “toolbox” metal containers are empty.

The problem is not fixed. Other loot seems to be fine, it’s just the metal toolbox ones that are empty.

Just my opinion, but I think that there isn’t any loot in the Toolbox’s on the Main Island after crossing the bridge with the lone Hunter, but there is loot on the Starter Island tho I only checked 1 Toolbox and not all of them on the Starter Island nor will I check, since in a way it’s a bit of a waste of time to me.

I’ve experienced this too. Installed the new June patch to try and play my Glitched Minken Bunker mission and noticed several containers empty.

The police car at the minken Bunker entrance has like 3 toolboxes and a backpack. For me today everything in that car was empty and the 3 toolboxes in the trunk were already opened.

Last time I played this game was in May for the May patch release. I traveled again to Minken Bunker to see if the glitch was fixed and it wasn’t. But I remember looting the toolboxes in the cop car before entering the bunker. I haven’t played the game in a month due to the glitched Bunker misssion. I log in today with the June patch and the toolboxes are empty in the cop car by the Bunker entrance. It was weird.

was it four hours of playing time between when you opened them a month ago? the 4 hour wait for boxes to refill only counts when you are playing so even though you hadn’t played in a month they still hadn’t refreshed so that could be why they were still opened. as for the empty toolboxes, the devs have acknowledged it as a know issue after this update.

No it wasn’t 4 hours of gaming time last I played.

It was only long enough for me to travel to the minken bunker to see if it was still glitched or not… maybe 30mins tops before I stopped playing?

It does seem counter intuitive to have the game clock stop when you’re not playing for the loot respawn time… like… I was really bummed out when in put in the disk for the first time in a month and several containers were still open from my “last month” gaming run. Why am I gonna spend 4 hours in game if my primary missions are still unbeatable and glitched?

I’ve stopped playing again since minken bunker is still glitched for me. So if I don’t play until the July patch update… and basically 2 months pass before I play again… and the ammo/loot “still” hasn’t respawned… I dunno… that seems kinda like a let down for me.

A 4 hour respawn rate is fine… but if that clock stops when you’re not playing… and you come back months later and it’s still not respawned… that would seem like a bug to me.

I have went to many different tool boxs that are “cooled down” and that have not been looted previously and still have no loot at all inside. Need fixed it’s probably where about 50% of my first aid items came from before the may update caused them to be empty.

it’s been reported and acknowledged. they are aware and working on it

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was in singelplayer