Enable us Straight Jump


why is this current Jump such a deal?
The Character jumps like a drunken Squirel, skew and like it has no control over it…
Is there any chance so that Dev Adjust it so that the Character jump straight up instead like you’re being pushed…


Chuck on some gear with jump boost see if that improves for you.


is that a Mod? what is that?


On the profile tab - you will be able to select different types of clothing. Some provide a little boost such as fire resistance, explosion resistance, impact resistance, visibility reduction, gas resistance, an jump boost.


You can find jump boost pants, and jump boost shoes in schematics. All you will need is the materials to make them.


ok, i’ll keep that one in mind


by the way, i did’nt asked for a Answer how to Jump higher, i made a Request for Dev’s to remove the Jump deviation, so that Character can Jump straight.