Experimental Armor/ Armor upgrades

so an example is “Pylon” - when struck by electricity instead of taking damage you act act as a tesla coil and the electricity bounces to nearby enemys reduces electricity damage by 10% and self electricity by 85%

“cataclysm” - when using fire bullets hitting the same spot will cause a firestorm spreading fire to self and nearby enemys reduces self inflicted fire damage by 35% and fire resist by 5%

“FeedBack” - causing eletrical feedback give small amount of hp and stam example - explosive casks on the back of mechs and when they explode from dying

these are examples and in no way giving the thought of balance and just giving ideas i would also only limit them too 1 or 2 active at a time one for pants and one for jackets

also example on how to get them is by experimental station- acts like a breakdown station but gives 20% of the normal mats but has a chance to give a bp for the armor meaning when you want certain perks you need go after certain items that have chance to give said bp example being breaking down experimental weapons giving a chance at bp like kvm giving pylon, rarer guns like the experimental hammer and kvm have a 100% chance to give there bp

Yeah, these ideas bring an imbalance to the game.

I’m that kind of person who is against all magical abilities/bonuses and personally, i don’t like to see these abilities in the game.

As far as practical apparel goes, we have a topic about it in the forums: Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects

Btw, ideas presented there are realistic. :slight_smile: