As this hasn’t been covered since April, I was wondering if you could shed some light since then as to the specifics in what we actually need to collect.

Now, since Splash Damage wasn’t as simple as killing 2 enemies and required a chain event to work ( which has now been confirmed ) Is it 200 individual items regardless of style, or is it 200 unique individual items?

Or another way : Is a Military Jacket 1 … or 7 because I have 7 different versions of it.

I’m in the same boat as you as the requirements are for Fashionista, but I’m not playing the game until the devs fix everything related to every missions in the game and the achievements (my opinion of course).

2 trophies are still bugged.


This will stand you at 97%

I have go getter trophie, it’s the mods, fashion and postgraduate I need, so the go getter trophie can be obtained

Right now I’m sitting at 46 missions completed. I can’t do any more side missions where I’m standing at 13. All my side missions aren’t on my list to do and they’re only a 3 showing on map which won’t let me do them. It’s glitched for me.

Also one side mission wants me to collect from an orange box which they’re bugged along with tool boxes

6 are showing on my map but not on my list and I can’t interact with them.

One can only hope
Exchange student
Law of the land
Total defence
The gun club
Heavy loaded

I’ve been and assume everywhere and every town that has a to do is at 100%. I completed 50% more of the game during this latest patch

The only 2 achievements / trophy’s that are glitched are Fashionista and Splash Damage. For those stuck on splash damage see this thread I made on how to unlock it:

Your mission issue is due to progression tracking that as I understand it happens when you progress earlier that’s the game expected. Despite the 3 updates, 2 hot fix - the only way I know 100% ( tried and tested ) to get to 99% complete is to wipe it all and start again offline.

You could run the risk of being online, but if someone joins your game and completes mission / unlocks a safe house you haven’t progressed to…it’s gonna track wrong. I have covered a lot of this in the review tab on the TA page, along with specifics to updates in the forums.

Do moderators even check this page? I mean I don’t mean to pick their game apart but it’s really no going well at camp Avalanche chasing your tail. August update better sort this out.

Go getter is not glitched, it like splash damage in that there are specifics you need to do in order to unlock.

This should help —>

I’ve everything apart from Fashionista, and very, very, much want to shut this game off. Let’s hope August update brings a final fix and hopefully actually deals with the issues from March…instead of distractions very update like photo mode, bikes, and clothing packs.

I get you want it remain current, and interesting, and keep players retuning and don’t get me wrong…I do like the bikes. Especially when I rode the whole map start to North bridge to see if you just could :bike:

But Avalanche…let me just clarify the matter :unamused:

You cannot release paid clothing DLC content when your in game doesn’t track its own clothing in game which counts, towards an in game achievement.

Releasing other content than fixing bugs did not distract the team from focusing on the game’s issues. This has been brought up numerous times but some people can’t quite catch the drift that maybe the people working on the game’s issues aren’t the same as the ones working on the game’s content.

There is a wealth of information available about the photomode, bikes and the optional clothing pack, none of which details into the team prioritising content over fixing issues. Understand that achievements in the game were not as important on their list of bugs to crunch. It’s first now that they can begin to look at things like these which was explained in the last Q&A stream.

I’ve beat the game. Been at every town as of tonight. I have actually 7 side missions I can’t complete. Seen the end resolve for each. Like exchange student has a note on the table which isn’t there for me. Multiple missions are like this. I’m 97% finished on trophies. It may not be a bug for you but it is for me and I’m not re downloading again. That be my 4th time since first day release on console. And I just got my now forth toon up to lvl 23. By this time I’d be in the 80s with one toon. I’m just going to wait it out to see if next patch will fix it with the mission tracking revise.

As for splash damage it was one of the first trophies I got. Before you traveled over the first bridge there are 2 cars next to a beacon. I placed a sound siren at the road. And a propane tank. As soon as it pulled both runners to it I shot the tank with my makarov pistol and got it Day 1.

I can’t speak for the internal structure of Avalanches development team, neither the bug fixing team - however : there is a community ( a big one ) that follow the achievements and trophy’s.

The game being “fixed”, is not just story tracking. If that’s your issue, just delete, restart, and don’t go online or have anyone join your game.
You’ll get the full experience, with no glitched missions. But if your like me, and WarPig there’s nothing left to do.

There’s no DLC hinted as they are still back pedalling from 4 months ago. Has no replay value for missions ( because you can’t ) no replay value for locations and collectibles ( because it’s all 100% ) there is only the achievements or trophy’s to work towards.

IF, you are going to develop a game on next generation platforms, they have got to address all issues of the game.

But most of all…considering it was based on a game they have already had great success how did they get it so wrong.

I don’t understand your argument. Just because you’re unable to repeat the missions in the game doesn’t mean it lacks replay value. It’s literally an open world with a dynamic weather system and Machines patrolling all over it, that respawn each time you log in. And it’s fitted for co-op with up to 4 players. If you want to replay it, delete your characters and try again. You can even transfer gear to new characters like I describe in this thread.

I don’t know what player demograph you belong to but this is a game made by a generation that grew up around games that actually took their time before releasing expansions, not one that immediately launches a Season Pass for planned DLC at launch. Like Half-Life, or Quake, or Unreal Tournament or countless other successful games, time is taken to patch the game and listen to the community before deciding on expanding it.

If you can’t stand a game being released for 4 months without announcing content DLC then I’m sorry to say, I don’t think it’s up your alley.

Since the thread has veered very off-topic and is now centered around criticising Avalanche’s development process, it also violates the forum’s Code of Conduct.

I won’t hand out any warnings, but this thread’s getting locked.

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