Feature more population / Spoilers for the Alpine expansion

I think that Generation zero feels a bit empty so my idea is that we need to liberate the prisioners that the npc´s mentioned at the ending of the dlc Alpine Unrest. After the liberation the player needs to build up big safe heaves from the machines or build smaller ones like a FOB(ForwardOperatingBase) and maybe start trade connections between the bases to support each other.

I think it would be great to add more survivors. An accident happened with Veronika and the robots. We know that. But it didn’t tell us if she’s still alive or not.

How come the player has to do all the work and “liberated” people do nothing? Or are they so helpless that you need to clothe, feed and bathe them as well? :astonished:

If so, then i’d rather liberate a runner or two, to keep as my pet puppy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Btw, that trade connections idea reminds me Sid Meier’s Civilization game series, where you needed to make trade connections between you cities if you wanted your cities to grow.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to turn GZ into civilization building and management game.

Which accident? :thinking:

Well, Elsa will tell you about Veronika and her being the only ones left in the Resistance. The she says, “Until the accident…”

During The Hellmouth mission, just after you picked up the outer door keycard, there is radio transmission;

  • Benny: “Sorry, but i find this whole FNIX thing hard to believe. How did your… Veronika come up with all of that stuff?”
  • Elsa: " “My” Veronika… Veronika Nilsson. Computer engineer, in other words, major nerd. She worked at FOA 53, the research lab where the… accident happened."

The “accident” Elsa refers to is the “unexplained incident” that happened with Von Ulmer after Von Ulmer’s surgery.

During The Hellmouth mission, just after you picked up the inner door keycard, there is 2nd radio transmission;

  • Elsa: "The last… 3 weeks, that’s all we’ve been doing - looking for answers. For a while, we too had a nice little group like yours. We called ourselves “The Resistance”. Pretty soon, it was just Veronika and me. And then… "
  • Benny: “That’s when you decided to sneak into Vraken to take them down on your own? I thought i was the one with the death wish. Right, Anita?”
  • Anita: radio silence
  • Benny: “…Anita, you gotta get it together…”

Elsa doesn’t say what happened and Benny just assumed what they were doing.

I would say that they would give you some missions and not just killing machines but like missions that has an actual story that could uncover more and more secrets about the invasion of the machines and how the Army lost the battles so easily

More lore about GZ is nice but i doubt common civilian captive knows anything about the reasons why the attack happened and why army failed.

I wrote some of my ideas why army failed so miserably in this topic: Are TANKS to easy?

There is a slight possibility that the civilians would know why the army failed because during the cold war there was a mass conscription of every 18 year old boy needed to do their army service and the swedish tactics were a mix between guerilla warfare and conventional warfare as the army counted on that many divisions would be cut off if there were a invasion by the soviets so there should be a possibility of renemants of some swedish squads or platoons that are still fighting on or hiding

I just wanna know what happens to Veronika…

Maybe add a mission which involves a NATO squad tasked with finding out what happened to Veronika and they are NPCs which fight along side you when you find them. (Is this a good idea if not let me know)

I have yet to see allied NPCs that operate to the satisfactory to the player. Either the NPCs are way OP or need constant babysitting.

I’d rather take coupe of runners as backup or perhaps even a hunter.

can you hack them do do this?

Sort of. Current Hacking specialization has two effects on machines (distortion and ally) and lasts either 20 or 40 seconds with good chance of Hacking not being successful at all.

Though, there have been requests to salvage machine components and build your own pet machine to fight alongside you.

I like these ideas a robo pets would be great.:robot::dog:

It would be interesting.

Topic about it’s discussion is here: Machine Master (AKA Pet Master)

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