February Update - Patch Notes

Its random sometime you get magnum rds other times you may get different ammo, it does happen alot when you just get magnum rds though.

[Community Report] Fixed an issue where the button for Hold Breath could not be re-mapped (PC only)

I am immensely happy for this :smile:


I must say…

A big congratulations to Avalanche for this patch!

I just finished a rather long session… 8h :woozy_face: I violated the machines in all kind of ways, had some BIG fights that ended in gaining 5000+XP …and not a single crash!

And the new effects on the apocalypse class machines are awesome!


The ”splash” effect are just awesome to see, and the green smoke that they give off. Good details :hugs:

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just like to take a minute to say thank you to all the devs for fixing the crashing out its been 3 months and not been able to play solo till last night had 4 hours of fun solo mode and now i have 6 rival tanks to deal with :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it. buddy! :slight_smile:

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Nice one, Leon! Ill let the dev-team know :slight_smile:


Anyone played MP on pc since the update? Haven’t seen any complaints about MP crashing since this last bug fix, I play a lot of co-op and the crashing was a nightmare. Don’t mind an occasional crash here and there but one every 15 to 30 min is damn near game breaking. Played with my son last night and got about an hour and a half of solid play with no crashes. Got into some good battles with about 4 tanks and harvesters, they just kept showing up, game ran smooth except for the disappearing bots when trying to loot but I can live with that . Devs seem to be pulling it together one bug fix at a time and that’s great. Just wondering what you guys might be experiencing, I’m super excited if they really are getting close to solving this problem.

Playing on the PS4. I’m relieved that the crashes related to spawning enemies are gone. Gameplay is excellent now.

Still no fix for side mission “Last resort” (missing Tank) yet though.

But again, grateful for this patch!

The changes to the abandoned dock to the east of Salthamn look nice

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Do you mean west of Salthamn, and a bit north of Seggesta Farm??
I mean, there is a dock in Salthamn :thinking:

In Yttervik my collectables says 4/3. Anyone else got that?

Almost all my locality stats a wrong :confused: Both count of mission, collectibles, and weapons. Since this hasn’t affected gameplay for me, I haven’t been too annoyed about it.

Oh, sorry, I meant to say east. I think it’s called “Abandoned Fishing Warf” in English.
Once I’m home I can post the coordinates.