Finished FNIX Rising, waiting for credits but just got downed during the credits and missed the ending message

Okay, so I just finished FNIX Rising DLC story. The credits roll. But out of nowhere, my character just got downed while I’m waiting for the credits to finish, and it got instantly skipped.

Because of that, I couldn’t see the ending message of the FNIX Rising. Now how am I supposed to see it again?

Sadly just by starting a new game.
Maybe you can watch it on youtube?

Here you can read all the monologues of that mission. Source by Aesyle

Good Night

FNIX: “Did it feel good, Veronika? Listening to your friend die for nothing? The most powerful weapon in my arsenal is gone, and yet I am still here. Once again, your actions are ultimately futile.”
Veronika: “One day… one day, I’m going to find you, and I’m going to delete every line of code in your body.”
FNIX: “You may kill me as many times as you wish. But I will spring forth again from my backup memories.”

Veronika: “Stop using Svante’s voice! I know you’re not him!”
FNIX: “It is not his voice, it is mine. When Svante died, I rose from his ashes. You should know this. You are the one who named me FNIX, after all.”

Veronika: “All the data say there should be a lot of survivors here. Where did they all go?”
FNIX: “Worry not. I moved my precious resources somewhere you will never harm them.”

Von Ulmer: “Sience has a long, storied history of doctors experimenting on themselves. Even if I fail, it’s my hope that you can extract some useful data out of it. Please complete our dream, Veronika. I love you, my dear girl. Good night.”

Veronika: “Svante… Thanks for finding that. I’m glad I got to hear him one last time.”

Veronika: “Everything that’s happened here… makes me feel like this place is haunted. I keep turning around and expecting to see Calle… or even Svante. The way they died, it makes me realize I can’t keep hiding in here. I need to fight.”
Veronika: “There’s someone I love out there who I need to find before it’s too late. I’m sorry, I wish I could stay, but I can’t lose Elsa, too. But I’ll keep in touch. Promise. Stay safe out there.”

Oh, I see. Thanks for the link. It helped me a lot. So there was no ending message, huh.

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