FNIX Rising - Clear the way crashing

Alright after some research i came to a conclusion that the crashes might be caused by the weird texture stucked on the front left tire. When the explosion happenes close to that wheel, the texture or object will bug and it crash. The game was crashing on the part where i was defending ringfort and the explosion happened close to the garage where the truck was stored in.

Photo of the weird thing stucked on the wheel.

Also, here is a video of me testing it few times:


I’ve got the same issue on my pc after a certain point you can’t advance the dlc it’s annoying as hell

Yeah because there Is a scripted part where fnix rocket hits the truck So you can’t really progress from that point.

Same thing man ! I think i am only one who had that problem. I hope dev team can fix the problem very soon, am i right ? )

Ive got a issue with the quest clearing the path, after the missile hits my game crashes. Anyone had same kinda problem? Its just the last quest i have, and id like finish it wery much, ive tried messing with craphic settings by zeroing them, managed fps and reinstalled the game. Tried verifying the files and still it crashes, im on pc game, was doin a solo game.

Pc hardware: Nvidia 2060, AMD Ryzen 7 7700, DDR 5, mobo TUF GAMING B650-PLUS (AM5) And samsung Evo m.2 drives.

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Just had an email from Devs about this mission crashing. They say that there is a fix in the works, however, currently there is no workaround. Sorry peeps.


Yhats sounds good )))))

Platform: PC

Description: I was playing the Fnix Rising DLC ​​mission and got to “Clearing the Way”, the game started to crash at the moment when the artillery hits near the truck.

Steps To Reproduce: guide the truck until a shell hits next to it, or any explosion near the truck.

Images / Videos: N/A.

Host or Client: singleplayer.

Players in your game: 1, myself for the solo.

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

hey y’all, so I found a way to work around this issue of when the game crashes during this mission:

  • causation: weird texture on front left wheel of truck (MrShifty posted a vid earlier in this thread). destroying machines close to the truck or scripted events (ie. cannon hitting the truck or the truck blowing up at the end of the mission) will cause the game to crash. other kinds of explosions, including those from the player, will also cause it to crash.

- machines: either try luring them away or literally clear the road ahead before returning to the truck to progress. make sure your far away from the truck to the point it won’t progress when you clear the road, that way you’ll have ample time and space to go crazy on the machines.
- scripted events: the best way to workaround this is to fast travel to a nearby safehouse. its best to do this when you hear the cannon shoot or when the truck is nearing the cannon. the mission will still progress and your game won’t crash, you just won’t be able to see it.

note: this is just a bug in the games code, it does not deal with your settings or game files (as far as im aware)

Hope this helps while the devs work on a patch.


Xbox series X.

I’ve read about a supposed fix to this but it keeps happening still. When any of the enemies get near the truck and i shoot them the game crashes and dashboards. Everything else is fine it’s just this mission so far.

Where did you read about that?

Hello everybody

I have the problem that the game always crashes in the FREE RAIL mission. Always at the point where the rocket comes flying from the right and hits the truck. Then I have a short freeze frame and the game turns off. I’ve already sent the crash report a few times but unfortunately no response yet. Does anyone else have this problem???

You mean “clearing the path”?
You should have read some other topics, it’s an often reported issue.
Maybe there will be a fix in the next regular update, probably in febuary, maybe even in january. There is no detailed info yet.

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Xbox X

Clearing the Path: Anything that hits the truck, it freezes and kicks me out. However, had issues from the DL from beginning of freezing. I was able to get the truck right past Guteby Farms (go hit the enemy and restart ride) , until a rocket out of nowhere hits the truck then back to the point it started. I am unable to get past that point. After researching, it seems this is common and not a fix.

Steps To Reproduce:
Restated, delete, reinstall

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
1- Solo


Xbox X
Got main game through Game Pass.

Hey! We have a fix for this in the upcoming patch, let me know if it still occurs after that.


the weather channel will hi-lights blue :snowflake: for snowie weather, with winter event & all snow, maybe that’s it

Thanks for the tip. That was the ONLY thing I haven’t tried yet. :grin:

Yep! This did not happen my first time through the game… However when I started a new game and got to the Clearing the Way mission the game crashed whenever an explosion happened near the truck. After going way ahead and clearing out EVERYTHING it crashed during the cannon shot. I will save that ring fort / clearing the way mission for later, after the update… :grinning: