Forum Layout, Improvements Thread

Suggestions for how to improve the forums can be posted here.

Hey @Zesiir, maybe it could help, if the bugs section is moved up in the forum overview.
At least for me, I just use my mobile/smartphone for taking part here, the bugs section is almost at the end.

But at the end… I guess most will create a new topic either.

Hm, I’m not sure how to do that. I may have to contact an admin to see if it’s possible to change things around. :thinking:

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Although it’s totally off topic, I continue here.
Maybe you could split this into a new topic?

As you can see on the screenshot, the initial screen just shows a section which had the last entry about 2 years ago (official). And the news.

You could move the official stuff to the end, the news to first position and the bugs section to second position.

There, we got a thread for it now :+1:

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When debates arise about a sensitive subject like mods in the game, gameplay changes and so on, the debate gets bumped to the lounge so tier 3 members only can more openly debate it with the newer members excluded. And the thread doesn’t get locked down or warnings issued and less comments deleted. But with the same standard, show of respect for other members. Debate the issue and not attack the other members.

Then the standard warnings issued in the more public view as to what is allowed to be discussed. The Lounge, from the way I understand it, was set up for more debates and discussions.

It can also be used for more discussions on things that would be spoilers in the more public forums and the new members. Which I assume a newer member would also be a newer player of Gen Zero. And discussing events in the game would spoil it for them.

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Could you merge these two, please?

Add here everything which could help to guide new members…

  • Talk only in english notice, does not bother me because its mostly spanish and brazilians and I understand it perfectly but every month 1 or 2 new users dont know about that rule and are reprehended.

  • Dont be an idiot :sweat_smile: (every month we get one)
    Yeh i know this one we cant have as a rule or as a notice, the other one above is for real though.

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Add the Dislike button. (Optional) Deactivate the Twitter-Only-Mode for news! (I hate Twitter & co.)


I think, the reason for there not being a dislike button is so the user is encouraged to express themselves. That’s all I’ve got :man_shrugging:


Is it possible to add a new Category for the Generation Zero Storys? There where some good storys here and it is easier to find especially for new players, when they have an own category. Pherhaps it encourage others to write there own storys.


Merged threads.


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