Game is no longer fair for solo players


Game is no longer fair for solo players adrenaline shots drop rate was nerfed tremendously to the point their impossible to even find any and has killed the game for all solo players devs must fix and make it fair playing Alone as not everyone brought this has a solid team of buddys to play witb needs to be increased but for multiplayer not as much as for the


First off, I love this game and am a purely solo player. I am currently level 19. However, I have to agree with Malthezar about how it went from wonderfully challenging solo to near impossible (in most instances). There is just one reason for this and it happened with the last update. We learned that the frequency of finding adrenaline shots was nerfed to give more of a sense of danger in the game. But the change in frequency of finding these items has not been nerfed in a good way, but rather, in a way that they are nearly nonexistent now.

Just how rare are these items now? Well, they are as rare now as trying to earn a Legendary Item in Anthem. Since the update, I have played a minimum of 20 hours of Generation Zero. And in that time I have found a total of 4 adrenaline shots. Don’t get me wrong. I know how to survive many encounters, but there are those times (locations) where being able to revive a few times just to be able to get to a safe place to restore my health and switch weapons/items rather than having to abort would be nice. Especially when I have traveled a sizable distance (and gaming time), and the closest safe house is far away.

I don’t mind that you made the adrenaline shot more rare to find, but you nerfed it way too much. Please find a middle ground so that us solo players have a better chance of survival and, in turn, continued enjoyment of the game.

-Otterberry (on PS4)


There is a work around, drop your adrenaline stash and you should be able to find 3 more almost immediately, combine them with your current stash and drop it again, repeat till u have 20, or how many you need, the game checks you inventory when opening a box, if it detects no adrenaline, chances for it gets higher, down side is after 3in your inventory, it gets hard to find again


I’ll refer to my answers in this thread on the same topic: Team players who think it's easy should try the hardcore mode
TL;DR: I play mostly solo and NO! solo play is not ruined for ALL solo players.
Its not easy and thats a good thing (adapt and overcome).
The game before the patch wasn’t even a challenge.
you dont even lose anything by failing so just get back in the saddle and try again with another tactic or improving on the tactic you were using, thats how you get good at anything in life.
Now go get them soldier :wink:
PS: you can also ask people for advise on the official discord server ya know :smiley:



TBH it’s not unfair it is simply harder.

Yeah we have all had fights that we shouldn’t have gotten into, but to be honest we wouldn’t have stayed in them unless there was so much adrenaline simply try and tough it out and in reality that’s not what the game is about.

OK so it is a bit worse because the bots no longer need prescription eye wear and you have to face Tick storms, I have to be honest and say that over the last couple of days I have only used 3 or 4 adrenaline’s the rest of the time I either

Allowed myself to respawn to a nearby safe house and came back with 100% health and fought from a longer distance (I took the hint)

Ran away because I had picked the wrong fight.

Was more careful in the first place.


@cta102 100% people that complain about the difficulty haven’t risen to the challenge and its a shame. I hope this doesn’t deter the developers from keeping the game challenging for the better players, because it seems like people are swinging too hard in the opposite direction i think.

I think this game is suffering from the same type of people that complained about Sekiro, but maybe thats a little harsh of me.


I dunno as I’m an old duffer that started playing games back in 1980 so I may be used with unfairly hard games.

However I’m still in two minds about this as I’m a solo player and although last night saw 2 harvesters and 6 tanks being put down (and 25+ hunters) it still involved several deaths though some of those were often due to the being unable to switch from the 2nd to 1st weapon slot.

The weapon slot thing seems to be worse (Xbox One-X) post patch, where I have to resort to going into the inventory and change weapons. It’s annoying when you could seriously damage a hunter with an assault rifle before he gets to you, but you are stuck on the SMG.

It’s probably not terrible but I have now reached the stage encountering mil spec tanks in pairs and every time I fast travel there seems to be a tank 50 metres away. With the previous sensor range that wouldn’t have been an issue, but in solo play it can make the game more frustrating than it needs to be.

I guess I haven’t fully decided but currently it’s on the edge of what I could call fun to play.

I’m hoping a couple of too end assault rifles and some EMP rounds will restore the balance a little


@cta102 Might be a console thing because as long as you dont “aggro” the tanks they as blind as bats so you can easily get past them (I dont use stealth skill builds or weapon suppressors)
but i play on PC so it might be some unintended difference perhaps, the weapon switching problem thing is a console thing at least it would seem.
I do wish they would remove the useless smoke rounds for the recoilless grenade-rifle (the one people keep calling “rocket launcher”) though and implement HEAT rounds (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) instead because the normal HE rounds are wholly inadequate against tanks. (IRL and in the game :wink: )
I dont know where, what or why the “dual-purpose” part is from / is suppose to be / is in the game (its not anything the Swedish army ever has had at least)
Perhaps just fictional implementation or they have simply been misinformed
Anyhow have a nice day :smiley:


I think you’re quite right, certainly makes you rethink your strategy before you get into a heavy fight. I think its a good challenge that there are fewer adrenaline shots lying around, and I only play solo too.

As a result of there being fewer of them, I’ve started to utilise the radios more (the ones that you place that allow you to fast travel to that location), meaning that if I know I’m getting into a fight (or end up in one suddenly) I’ll deploy one just in case my adrenaline runs out. That way even if I lose the fight I can still fast travel back to the same location. It gives those radios a little more value and means they’re worth carrying.


This is incorrect and I have tested it several times. You do not find three more almost immediately. You have to keep finding a new area to loot, drop the stack, loot the area and not get any. Pick up the Stack find new unlooted area, drop the stack and still not find anymore shots. The drop rate is a joke and so is the supposed work around.


Sorry but this “Workaround” is NOT reliable, or consistent.


@RoboNOT i only tested the workaround once and the first bag i looked in had a adrenaline shot. but i supplement them by using field radios like @hggunn wrote… works great, i strongly recommend trying it :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t want to use valuable Inventory space for Radios.


Thats all well and good :slight_smile: choosing to limit your options is a good way to increase the difficulty and thus honing your skills to survive regardless. happy hunting :smiley:


the field radios aren’t very abundant either. unless you know a good place to consistently get them.


i cant join other games without losing my unfinished missions and missions i do on other peoples games do not carry over to mine so solo play is my only option to finish the game. it’s too hard to take on large groups of enemies now , especially when they’re not close to a safe house.
i am spending most of my time running away from hunters that don’t give up and not getting to make any actual progress, they also seem to ignore flares half the time now and like to spawn a ton of ticks


@kakarron yeah sure i know where to get field radios. Barracks, mobilization storages*, weapon caissons**, halted military transport convoys and of course the bunker complexes
*= Concrete houses with 2x2 locked doors that one needs lockpicking to open
**= Small concrete box houses with only one blast door

“i cant join other games without losing my unfinished missions” Is this a console bug? because its not an issue on PC

“missions i do on other peoples games do not carry over to mine” This is intended as i understand it. mission “progression” is tied to the host and only if you (non host) has the same mission and you participate from start to finish on that mission will it get counted to your “progression” as well.
possible solutions:
Use the tons of advise there is on this forum about solo play or ask people on the official discord about what tricks they use to survive. ( I linked to another thread with some good advise earlier)
Or get friends to join you so that you are the host. Lacking friends that play the game? again use the official discord and gain some new ones to play with you :wink:

Only if you give up, do you really lose. Adapt and overcome, and you will grow in strength :smiley:
To me the game is almost too easy and im no super human gamer or something… far from it


not console, it’s a PC bug


In my experience, the most consistent and easiest way to acquire field radios is to destroy beacons and take them from there. As beacons litter the map it wouldn’t be long before stumbling across one. Depending on how you play, one field radio would be enough as once you return to that location via fast travel you can pick up the same radio (in my experience at least). That way only one inventory slot is taken up. I’ve placed multiple beacons around and have been able to fast travel to a number of very useful locations that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to i.e. those locked weapon caches which see valuable loot/weapon respawns.

The way the game has changed with fewer adrenaline shots arguably increases the value of these radios massively, so they’re well worth the inventory space.