Game Not Saving on Ps4

Platform: PS4

Description: Hi, I am having big troubles with this game. I have been playing this game for 20 hours with not major bugs just some mission bugs and stuff. Now, I am trying to unlock one bunker (mountain one) but when I do and exit (then enter again) my game does not save and I have to play it again. I have tryied it for over 3 times with different stuff. I noticed that my save icon is not showing aswell. Maybe it is because I signed out of my psn? (can’t sign back in [error]). Maybe someone can help me with my issue? At this point I cannot play the game because anything I do just does not save it at all. I think I might return it if it does not get solved in the latest patch. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Steps To Reproduce: Maybe sign out of psn? Or try to complete mountain bunker and its missions on one time?

Host or Client: No multiplayer. Solo

Players in your game: None

Specifications: PS4 Normal

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