Generation Zero merch


I’ve always thought about Generation Zero machine figures, i would love to have a model of a tank just sitting on my desk. Does anyone know if they have any plans for this in the future?

GenerationZero merch

No, I certainly don’t, but I would like to have some figures too!


We haven’t seen any merchandice yet, but there have been post on homemade and pretty cool Lego models here and here. I’ve encouraged Avalanche to make @Xezr’s Dalahorse the game mascot, and if we all push for it … who knows :wink:


Aye count a vote for me for the ’ Xezr-Dala ’ , ( new feedback from me ) :point_right: no bug fixes , no new content , until @Xezr 's appreciation is in Game :rofl::+1:


There is some GZ merch available, devs ran a giveaway of GZ themed dala horse a while back. But i don’t know if there’s enough merch to open a merch store. Also, it’s unknown if Avalanche Studios even wants to open a merch store.


I want some “Band” t-shirts! Like, just the in game posters but on a shirt… And real.


They sold that with the… premium (?) copies of the game


You mean the pre-order of Generation Zero: Collectors Edition that came with some merch?




The dalahorse didn’t make it into the Collector’s Edition due to production problems. I recently bought my own black dalahorse at IKEA, I plan on making it into a tiny GZ version once I have the time :slight_smile:


Set up shop, @Xezr. I’ll buy :blush:


It’s a shame that was all pre-order stuff, they shouldn’t be encouraging pre-order culture.


I’m all for supporting a developer, but I do agree. Pre-orders are not the way to go.


and I say that ^ as someone who actually would buy some merch, unusual as that is for me.


I’ve tried finding the 3D models so I can print my own but no luck…


There’s IKEA in Sweden? I thought it was just something they had inflicted on the rest of us…


News from the jury, @Bootie ?


Heard ten minutes ago - passed with flying colours and a really good report!!! Singing. Shiny happy boy…


Congrats, @Bootie!  


Congratulations @Bootie! Good boy! :+1::clap:


Yes, I did thanks man (or woman to not be sexist) :sunglasses: