Generation Zero... the future: how do YOU see it (Story wise)?


So, GZ has been around for a long while, but has not have a real DLC yet.

From what we know know, GZ was made in such a way (intentional or not) that it can go in ALL directions from here.
We could go into the past, the future, the Devs could basically do whatever they like, as the game has a very open end.

In a different topic, we already had a similar discussion, but now we have new blood, and it somewhat seemed logical to basically re-create this thread, and include the new blood to share their ideas as well.

Now, for me, the next DLC would begin with complete new, highly advanced machines.
Machines not from this Earth, but from an alien species that use machines to conquer worlds I would hate to see aliens run around on Earth, story wise these could be on their ship somewhere in space, controling the machines from distance, or have these pre-porgrammed, or hell, even AI controlled).

I hear you ask: Where the hell did you get that idea???
Simple: alien machines would be, first of all, quite a sight to behold. (let me link to: [SUGGESTION]New enemy types - Remade )
With these come, of course, new land, new technologies: weapons, cloaking systems, tracking systems, you name it.
IF we were to head for an alien invasion twist, it COULD link on to the current story.
It would not ruin the very base.
And it could bring a TON of new goodies (stuff)/baddies (enemies).
From there, it could move to even other stories told in GZ.
Heck, the new land could be a completely separate story set elsewhere in time, space, or even reality.
GZ could become a set of lose stories, but all written around the very base: machines threatening existence.
An alien twist could do a LOT of good to GZ…

Now, I need to, again, point out, this is mere an idea.
It is not meant to be forced, it is nothing but this: an idea.

IF you like this idea, you can like it, if not…
…well, then I hope to see where you would like to see the story go, what to expect, like I did above.

I want to ask though, please do not go like: “No!” or “Me no like”.
If you do not like it, then say what you would like, and please do tell me WHY you dislike the idea.
I want, in this way, to learn about you and your ideas, and a “No!” or “Me no like” is not informative to me.

I cannot wait to see where it will go to… I really have such high hopes… :slight_smile:

Thank you, to those that co-operate. :slight_smile:

PS: if you have questions about my idea, please DO ask and i will answer to the best of my abilities.


I’mma go ahead and move this to General Discussion, it seems like a good topic for discussing GZ things :slight_smile:


I did not post it in Discussion then? o_O

Oi, my bad!!!

Weird, I REALLY thought i was in Discussion… my apologies… :frowning:


I would love to see a Christmas/Yule/Holiday Mech counter-strike where they re-invade with a couple of new machines & set-up defensive positions with strong interior lines. Also this could be a way into the opening of a campaign or excursion by the player to one of the smaller islands…


Need to see Machines with a red coat of paint and blinking lights in various colours for Xmas. And holiday-themed clothes, ofc. DLC material?


You mean like a christmas military uniform?


Dude, I would so buy that DLC…Brilliant idea!!!


Sure, that sounds rad. But also classic swedish stuff… We uh, dress up during Xmas in Sweden, for various reasons. Santa and his helpers, gingerbread men, Saint Lucia etc. Creepy Santa masks… Don’t ask.


Why thank you.

But, in my original post, I was actually aiming for the BIG DLC, where we begin where we left off in the original game.
You know, continuation of the story? :wink:

EDIT: PS: At the GZ-Dev Team: For the longest, you’ve been focussing on fixes, not “one” addition (save for the bikes and loot crates).
Well… my sincere thanks and appreciations!!!
You put the game health out front, what one SHOULD do, but so many fail it.
Many bring out DLC after DLC, on a broken game, breaking it even further.
VERY well done!!!


I’m guessing the first big DLC will be to unlock one or more of the other big islands. These islands will need more story but since I haven’t got very far with the story yet I can’t offer any thoughts as to what that extra story would be.

I am not sure I’d be too happy with alien machines but whatever the actual story is that’s developing, intervention by another Earth power (such as Russia, N Korea, China or the USA for example) with machines of their own to combat the machines would be one way to go.

Having the player be able to properly control machines, reprogram them and use them in small squad sized units against the machine enemy would be another completely new theme.

I am somewhat struck with the similarity of this game with the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds. The player is a little like the Tom Cruise character, caught up in cataclysmic events but trying to 1) work out what the heck is going on 2) survive and 3) complete a journey. In the WotW movie that journey was across NE America to reach his ex-wife’s new family. In the GZ game the journey is one of discovery about the events, but even so the themes feel similar. I quite like the idea that the player starts as the underdog and is always outgunned by the opponents and I think that is a good and fresh feeling theme to continue.

I think a PvP DLC that would allow combat sessions outside of the main story world might also be another way Avalanche could go.


I’m not sure that I really want to know or even speculate about it, since I want to play the story, not write it. And I’m sure the story guy know, where they want to take it from here. However! I really what a vessel to take me to the other islands. A canoe, a boat, a deserted ferry - whatever. I’ve come across several ferry piers, and one day I expect to find a boat waiting for me. And I really want to get in contact with - or at least find solid indications of - survivors. They simply must be there somewhere. And I want to get into some of the locked places, I’ve encountered. And I want an explanation for FOA2. I think that Avalanche owes me that. Now, I’m not a fan of big boss fights, but I know a lot of you guys are. So - sigh - yea yea, I want a big boss fight … happy now, everybody? :wink:

And, btw, the latest news letter indicated, that they are working on “something for us to do” - probably before the next major update to the story. I’m excited and can’t wait to get it!


Oh yeah, I forgot this … when the story concludes 10-15 years from now, and we have taken over the entire mainland Sweden in a epic super major team-play session involving hundred thousand of us in a collaborative framework, I expect to find a big red kill-switch button, that disables the few remaining machines lurking around in the deep dark forests of Skåne, Halland, and Blekinge.


Not bad…
One thing though: the Red Button…

They (machines) are the main protagonist.
Erasing them = end of GZ as we know it.
I cannot agree on this…
GZ should be around… forever… XD

No, nice ideas, my friend.
However, RN it is a four man squad system, I do not know how hardcore it is written, if it can be overcome with a ‘simple fix’.
If they need to rewrite the base core for this, well…
Otherwise, I can still see this, a ‘mega-battle’.
Would be something completely new, right there! :slight_smile:


Well, maybe the big red button doesn’t work all the way down into the iron ore mines of Kiruna …

In 10-15 year I’ll bet they can manage a mega battle. And we’ll all be wearing Hololenses. Something to look forward too :blush:


Let me cheat a bit here…
Introducing aliens CAN = Hololenses…? XD

OH, and no need for mines… the aliens brought there materials along. XD

Yeah, I am an arse. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: you know… the first time I played GZ, it was just… WAAAAW…
First place you enter, no one there.
You’re pointed to a place where all will meet, you go there… no one, save a few bodies.
Radio call tells you to go to next meeting place, the one where you are was too dangerous, so, you grab your bag, weapon, move to the new location, and… no one there, save a few bodies…
And throughout the ENTIRE game, you meet not ONE single life (in solo) except for your buddies on the server.
It would, I can imagine, give people a feeling of despair…
Of emptiness, even empty victories…
It would lead, I think, to depression, as no matter WHAT you do… not ONE living soul you see.
And I have not mentioned the machines that are out to kill you…
Not even a MOUSE…
Hell, maybe the possible aliens are bird type?
Hence all we see is birds?

And this idea is what I SO love about this game.
That “no matter how you do it, or what you do? It IS over. Period!” idea…
And then at the end, you sit with 3 other people in a car, on a misty road somewhere, one pistol, 3 bullets left…
You being merciful end their lives quickly, before the machines can get to you…
Left alone, near insane of what you just did, you put the gun in your mouth…
But yeah, an Empty gun… is empty… no matter how many times you pull the trigger…

(Check Stephen King’s The Mist for the ending. XD)


Yes, The Mist crossed my mind several times. (Spoiler alert!!!) But in The Mist … when our main character did all the merciful killing … he saw the big bad alien brought down by the military advancing from afar. Now, that must have been a despairing moment … I would be a bit disappointed to see GZ end that way.


He made it, right? XD


Yeees … eh … but he just put down some people he cared for … A LOT. That would kinda ruin my day … A LOT.


That’s what life, in certain situations, offers…
Reality can be quite a bloody bi…


It can indeed. It can indeed.

Still, I anticipate a different conclusion to GZ. But first after many, many more happy hours of intriguing story telling, challenging missions and jolly machine bashing.