Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo


I understand I’m in the minority here but I’m digging the new difficulty. I’m a veteran player so this doesnt really apply to beginners but then again why play on guerrilla if youre new…? =)

Please dont tweak it down to much, with the future additions of higher tier schematics to further increase ones damage resistances this level should be fine.

I’m done with Archipelago, Southcoast and almost through the Farmlands on a new save now and yes its brutal but it should be on guerrilla right?

The stablebarns can still be used to your advantage.
From the same fight just now. Started as a mili harvie fight and ended up with a mili tank and a lvl 3 mili tank rival… :wink: im almost out of stuff, like i should be after such mayhem :wink:
lvl 18 with vanguard specialization

This is my cleanest kill of a Military Harvester sofar.
clip coming in a sec. seems to not work so here a link

Chime in if you feel the current difficulty is PERFECT
Updated Guerrilla Difficulty | Thoughts & Exoeriences
Is Guerrilla suppossed to be doable solo?

Cool, Can you post a vid where you take a down a military of fnix harvester solo? I’d love to learn how to do that. :slight_smile:


What’s up for grabs?


The problem that everyone is having with the new difficulty isn’t that it’s hard on guerrilla, it’s that it isn’t much easier on adventure than it is on guerrilla. You are saying things like “why play on guerrilla if you’re new” and “it’s brutal, but it should be on guerrilla”, and those are correct, but the game is currently forcing players who don’t want to play on guerrilla difficulty to play on a difficulty that exceeds the difficulty of the guerrilla mode prior to the April update. New players don’t want to play on guerrilla, but they aren’t given a choice. Not everyone wants it to be brutal, but they aren’t given a choice. That’s what people have issues with. It’s fine as it is for guerrilla mode, but not for the other modes.


I like guerilla mode with one exception - the increased health/damage resistance of enemies, they could’ve been left at skirmish levels. At least that’s how it feels, haven’t really confirmed if that is the case.

The increased difficulty in general after the last patch is also growing on me, with the exception of the railgun hunters since I think they track you for far too long distances, and the fact that they can shoot and track you straight through walls and covers.


I think the infinite hunters that harvesters can call in needs to be toned down just a bit as well.


Hehe yeah, indeed! Best example of that would be harvester hotspot Bockhyttan, that’s a place where things can get really nasty. :rofl:


Yes that is a problem I agree but I dont see me mentioning anything about the lower difficulties there.


The speed of rockets also needs to be reduced some so that players have enough time to evade. Either that or make machines only use rocket barrages at ranges that give players enough time to evade or take cover. But aside from the infinite hunter summoning, the insane hunter tracking range, and the super speed rocket barrages I agree that it’s not too bad.


Yes, but I think your phrasing “guerrilla difficulty is fine solo” is misleading. A more straightforward way to put it would be something like “all difficulties feel like guerrilla” or “current difficulty is only appropriate for guerrilla” because the current difficulty is not “fine” and needs to be addressed. It’s fine to like a challenge, but the less challenging modes should actually be meaningfully less challenging.


Why are you so hung up on the lower difficulties in my thread about GUERILLA? Are there not plenty of other threads about those issues?


I bet Chaff rounds will be the thing that blocks the Hunter spawns though I havent tried yet…


I could be wrong, but it feels like there are a lot of AI timers that are currently not firing. If the harvester Spawns were every five minutes, infinite would be fine. It would punish plinking a harvester to death, without turning it into an instant murder party. The problem is, it’s constant. Same with the gas mortars, the railguns, the missile bombardment. It’s not that the Harvesters have this ability, it’s that they can spam it.

I suspect that the vastly improved enemy tracking is also a symptom of this. That the delay between where they’re aiming and where you were is getting distorted and executing far faster than it should, resulting in aimbot accuracy with the autocannons.

I’m fine with this increased tempo being a different difficult setting, but baked into base, it turns encounters into a spammy mess of bots. It also breaks ammo economy, because all those spawned hunters drop ammo.


Guerrilla difficulty is fine, when they fix these latest bugs shooting and tracking trough everything.
Little confusing that Harvesters are no more dangerous than Tanks, at least IMHO.
Why Tanks cannot call support, Runners, Hunters also?

I agree this, i have been gassed out faster out from house before i could away say word gas. And i bet those concussion gun Hunters are not suppose to be shooting trough everything and tracking you trough walls. They shoot you even like 500m away when you escape combat.


I was thinking that they should get an antenna component that can be shot off to disable the summoning ability.


Yes, I would venture to say you are a minority. There is always a minority report.
That said, how can you be a veteran player if you haven’t completed the campaign and dlc? I have done that on two characters and yes, it is a silly game now. A distant shadow of its former self.
My wife and I have stopped playing and won’t come back until they fix/undo this last patch.


Some veteran players like to wipe their save after each or every other update, to get the new and changed feeling of the game when starting fresh. That’s how.

Also, @Znurrad isn’t alone in his likening with the new Guerilla mode. I also like the added challenge in my own Guerilla solo game. :slightly_smiling_face:


But still, even though you like the challenge you have to admit the logic of the robots new behavior is ridiculous.


Is it? :thinking:

If given that machine can do everything better/faster than a human can, including compute speeds, then the instant aggro makes sense. Machine only needs milliseconds from seeing/hearing you to compute that the input source is hostile and start attacking the source (you). = Instant aggro.

Also, if given that the only reason for machine’s existence is to hunt down any humans, it will attack the hostile target (you) on every means necessary until it doesn’t detect any output from you (target eliminated aka you are downed). = Relentless fire rate at you.

Moreover, if given that machine knows the area of effect of it’s weaponry and doesn’t have no regard of it’s own well-being, including the well-being of it’s allied machines, machine will use it’s area of effect weapons (rocket pods) just to eliminate the target (you), regardless if some of it’s allied machines get in the way or not. = Continuous rocket barrage.

Of course, machines do know that the gas they carry does harm their target (you) and it’s common sense (basic level of logic) to use as much gas as possible to smoke the target out from their hiding spot or when target gets too close to bigger machines (harv/tank). = Excessive usage of the very deadly gas.


I wholeheartedly agree :slight_smile:

Without the glitchy Machine behaviour it’s a genuinely challenging difficulty worthy of a co-op shooter.