Guerrilla Research Update - Patch Notes

Nope, that is very much a bug with the setting ‘Hold to Interact’ being off.


I was really really hoping they wouldn’t blunder this update. However, they focused on augmentations so much they rushed through everything else and released…yet again…another buggy and broken update that needs hotfixes.

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I had to laugh, my 10yo son referred to the bugs as being traditional. :rofl:

“With every new update we get new bugs. It’s a tradition.”


Yes, but… I don’t feel that it’s broken. Yes, there is an issue with the transition of the icons in all inventory related screens, but that’s nothing that bothers me.

In total the game runs absolutely stable until now and that’s the opposite of broken.

Didn’t test it in multiplayer yet.

The only thing that really hurts for me is that every time I log in, all safehouses are gone again.

Maybe I really should continue my 2nd world now to see, if it happens there, too.

Its the opposite on my end, the game ran perfectly fine before except for some stuttering on the north coast
Now its very unstable and crashing often, along with abysmal framerate drops

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The update has introduced an old bug for me in that about two thirds of machines are empty when trying to loot them. This includes rivals, hunters etc. This was a problem a year or two ago but was solvable by reloading the game and all would be well for a while. I tried reloading again this time but to no avail.
Has anyone else got this or is it just me? I hope not.

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I cannot fuel the generator, 99% then I get more it drops to 35% at the radio mast :woozy_face:

I played last night for an hour, 3 hard crashes when fast travelling (which I’ve not had for a good while), the new UI issues, plus all the usual bugs we’ve just come to live with and accept will never be fixed. (Empty machines when looting, idle machine noises when no machines exist, teleporting enemies etc.)

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Well, then I should add an “at least for me” or “at least on PS5”.
Really crazy.

I’m now continuing my 2nd world (with my existing character) and currently doing the archipelago missions.
I’m excited to see, if the building blocks mission will run properly when I leave archipelago. I never did it until now.

Nevertheless, no crashes yet. Played about 3h each day the last days. I really got used to the inventory bug, my safehouses don’t disappear in the 2nd world… Just the bad visual quality of “distant” trees is a bit annoying… Where distant isn’t really far away. You know.

Too sad, some previously really beautiful sceneries now get a really bad taste.


Yeh, i really miss the distant trees and scenery, now it feels like im playing LOW performance mode for distance setting on PC, when using a Playstation :confused:

I would prefer the need for a Loading screen in each Area, if we could have it like we had in the Past.

Are they going to diminish the number of enemies to get a better performance too ?
We re gonna get an empty game…


So far this update has been pretty fun and I like that non-experimental weapons are now fun and viable options.

The DLC looks awesome, and the new missions with the free weapon skins look really cool too.

The companion feels a little less buggy too, did it get some AI tweaks?

The “issue with the transition of the icons in all inventory screens” has cost me a 5 star LMG just now, when I was salvaging items at the recycling station and a 1 star weapon was overlaid over the LMG :expressionless:

I know, it’s not the end of the world, but I only started the game a few weeks before, and it certainly hurts to lose rare (for me, at least) loot due to a bug.

I know.
I lost my first exp AG4, which took months to get, by dropping it into a machines loot container accidently.
(It’s been long ago, when it still was possible and experimental weapons just dropped by rivals and just if you had luck).

Well, there was no bug, but like in your case due to unwariness.

Is this really a bug?

It happened quite often to me… I thought that was normal.

That being said, I’m a bit excited by the patch note. It seems that Systemic Reaction and the Avalanche Studios Group still care a lot about this IP.

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It’s not normal, that’s for sure.
If a container has nothing inside, it shouldn’t be accessable.

But, maybe it’s also affected by the display bug of the contents of a loot container.

You know, if you opened a loot container, exit and open another one, it displays the contents of the previous one at first, but updates if you move up/down in the list.

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This is fine now :v:……………

EDIT 20th Nov deleted & moved to bug reports