Health pack stacking

Hi Devs,
I have a suggestion about stacking health packs.
Health packs heal a certain amout of our HP:
Simple health packs: 25 HP
Standard health packs: 50 HP
Advanced health packs: 75 HP

And they have different stackings.
Simple health packs: 20 packs
Standard health packs: 10 packs
Advanced health packs: 5 packs

Now let’s calculate how much health you can heal for each slot:
Simple health packs: 25 HP x 20 packs = 500 HP
Standard health packs: 50 HP x 10 packs = 500 HP
Advanced health packs: 75 HP x 5 packs = 375 HP

As you can see the advanced health packs have the worst health/slot ration. For that reason I always use them imediately instead of keep and stack them.

Could you plz change the stacking sizes for advanced and maybe standard health packs to:
Simple health packs: 25 HP x 20 packs = 500 HP
Standard health packs: 50 HP x 12 packs = 600 HP
Advanced health packs: 75 HP x 10 packs = 750 HP

or at least:
Advanced health packs: 75 HP x 7 packs = 525 HP


please don’t ask them to make health pack changes. we cant risk it


I have no problem with the system as it is. No need for the stacks to be of equal value in my opinion. The same that different types of ammo stacks aren’t the same amount.


I agree that the advanced packs feel a bit bad right now though, but I would argue that them just giving 100 HP (well, 100% of the base HP) is probably the way to go for this.

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If I would be afraid that something breaks I can’t make any suggestion. I want a better game and this is the way to go and the risk we have take.

Which ammo type does stack differently?

would be ok for me too.
If you use the hp increasing skill, does the health packs still heal 25 HP or 25 %?

Shotgun 60
Smg/Ag 240
.270 / pistol 120

Ah I see, I thought you were talking about different types of the same ammo caliber
Shotgun: Buch 60x ; Birt 60x ; Slug 60x
SMG/AG: FMJ 240x ; AP 240x
.50: FMJ 40x ; AP 40x
Rockets: DPHE 4x ; EMP 4x ; Smoke 4x

So for each caliber the stacking is the same.
But your right there are different ammounts.

Smg and pistol is the same bullet but stacks different. I’m ok with that. Same with health packs. But I only keep the advanced if I have space. And most of the time I dont’t.

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Nope, they scale down proportionately. Ugly table showing specific values:

  Simple Standard Advanced
Base HP 25 50 75
+10% HP 23 45 68
+20% HP 21 41 63
+30% HP 19 38 57

I got the values above using some simple math, but I’ve confirmed most of them (except Advanced for +10% and +20%) in game.


Even tho the topic is about Health Pack stacking and all, but has anyone consider doing any calc’s with Heal Amount skill (under Support Tree) in conjunction with Health Amount skill (under Survival Tree) yet.

I’m just wondering is all and I’m not to concern whether or not the question can be answered or not.

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That’s a good point. I’ve not tested it myself or looked into it because I’ve never perked into the support tree (I may eventually do so though if I start a character specifically for co-op).

I’m fairly certain that the game is using some internal absolute number for HP (as opposed to the unlabeled percentage it shows in the HUD), so I think that the skills should function independently of each other, and the overall equation should be equivalent to the following Python code:

# `pack` is the health pack type, 1 for simple, 2 for standard, or 3 for advanced.
# `hpBoost` is the number of points into the 'Health Amount' skill.
# `healBoost` is the number of points into the 'Heal Amount' skill.

def computeHeal(pack, hpBoost, healBoost):
    baseHeal = pack * 25
    boostedHeal = baseHeal + (baseHeal * (0.2 * healBoost))
    totalHeal = boostedHeal / (100 + (10 * hpBoost))
    return totalHeal

I don’t think this is a bad suggestion for the advanced med packs. It would make more sense for them to be able to apply more hp for it’s stack. Who knows though

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The placed on ground medic packs could do with being proximity auto heal , just a thought :+1:

Oh I totaly forgot the med kits that you can place on the ground. Those have the worst health/slot ratio. The heal only 60 HP (3x20 HP) and still need one slot. In single player it is quite a waste of inventory space. Do they have advantages for multiplayer? Can several players restore 60 HP?

It heals several Players if they stand close to it. We usually deploy it when we find it or the moment we get into a battle. Takes up to much inventory space.

Yeah, I typically drop those the moment I get them, use it if I actually need to heal, but just get rid of it otherwise.

The ammo packs are even worse arguably, even with multiple players. Those I just drop and grab three rockets out of unless I’m running really low on ammo for one of my other guns.