Helldivers Diary A Generation Zero Story Day 9

Day 9
I woke up in the morning, Thort was getting dressed, Amelie was already on the way, her bed was empty. Her sandals were still in front of her bed but my college shoes were probably on the way with her.

I went to the shower room to get a little fresh. There was no towel attached to the doorknob, so the shower was free. In the shower room hung Amelie’s summer dress and her underwear. So she was in my T-shirt. I brushed my teeth and washed myself. Then I dressed, slipped into my chucks and went to the canteen.

Amelie was tinkering around the kitchen. She had stolen one of my trouser belts and laced it around her hip. She looked like she was in a t-shirt that was far too big.

“Good morning!” I greeted her.

“Bon jour (French: Good morning),” she said, turning to me.

She posed and said, “Well, how do I look.”

“Chic!” I said.

“My dress was still wet.”

“I saw it,” I said, “was just showers.” “We’ll dress you up right now.”

“Take the coffee pot with you and sit down,” she said.

I took the coffee pot and went into the dining room. There wasn’t much, oatmeal and cornflakes, along with milk mixed with milk powder. I wasn’t an extensive breakfaster anyway. Most of the time I only drank a cup of coffee. Today I took a few oatmeal, tipped milk over it and a teaspoon of sugar and choked it all down. The coffee was more mine.

We thought about what to do after breakfast today. I first suggested exploring the bunker. Visit the clothing chamber and visit the weapon chamber. Above all, it was about dressing Amelie. First we went to the dressing room after breakfast.

We first picked out some matching boots for her. I gave her the tip to put on a pair of socks.

“You don’t slip around in it while walking, otherwise you run bubbles. If we have to do a long hike, then they have to be absolutely right,” I told her.

She let me help her and we patiently tried several couples until we found the right one.

“They’re not fancy fashion kids,” I told her, “but they’re expedient.”

Then I looked for her a matching pair of trousers. She tried back and forth and looked at herself in the mirror. I had built a makeshift dressing room for her with Thort, stretching a blanket between two shelves. She tried different intermediate sizes until she liked the trousers themselves. Thort twisted his eyes. I just laughed. The clothing was designed for men and not for petite women. She almost sank in a jacket and we laughed a little. But here, too, she found the right one. I asked her if I could touch her to help her put on the uniform properly. She agreed. I made her aware that she should not choose the clothes too tightly, because she should also be able to shoot in full outfit.

She asked me why she needed a parka. I told her that it was raining in Sweden and that it was damn cold in winter. I chose a suitable one for myself, as my old parka was no longer the best. I also covered myself with a uniform.

When she saw the underwear she ruffled her nose,

“No, I don’t put on, igitt that’s ugly.”

I spoke to her with angelic tongues. I could just get her to take a long pair of underpants because it could get very cold and I didn’t want her to froze. She don’t wanted the fine-rip underpants. Finally, I offered her my shorts

"You can have them all because of me and sew them closer to you, but three of them still have to be washed. I’ve weared them in the last few days.’

She laughed, that’s not bad, I’ll wash them for me."

I was embarrassed, I didn’t really want her to wipe my underwear. But she assured me that it would be perfectly fine for her. She liked my shorts. I had covered myself with military underwear.

“You probably get everything you want?” I asked her

“c’est la vie I’m a woman,” she replied with a laugh.

Thort moaned and I shook my head with a laugh. I then equipped both with a gas mask, small and large combat bag, as well as a backpack. In the late afternoon we went to the armoury. We found a lot of ammunition and some Klaucke pistols, of which I picked out the best. There were mountains of 7.62mm and 9mm ammunition in throw away magazines. This allowed you to reload very quickly. There were also regular steel magazines that could be loaded with loose cartridges. I decided to use the loose cartridges first and later, if we were going outside, the throw away magazines. Amelie moaned about the weight of the equipment. But I told her, when we went outside, that we don’t have to take everything with us. She complained about the weight of the heavy Klaucke pistol. I told her she had to get used to it.

When it was time for dinner, we went to the canteen, Thort and I searched the pantry and came back with canned food. We found rusk and “tank plates”. That’s what I called the long-lived bread welded in bags. As an emergency catering, it wasn’t as bad as his reputation.

We also found sausages welded into Aluminium containers. NATO food I knew.

"That’s what breakfast” I said to Thort.

We took the treasures we found and went to the canteen kitchen. I even found some packages of liquid egg, the expiry date of which had not yet expired. Amelie conjured up a delicious egg porridge. We wanted to help her in the kitchen, but she threw us out. In it she was iron.

We still drank beer together after dinner, smoked some cigarettes. I explained to them that we would practice tomorrow with the weapons. Thort was already very excited. As we went to bed, Amelie looked over at me in amazement as I loaded my Klaucke and put her on my bedside table.

“You should do that,” I told her.

“It’s too heavy for me,” she grumbled, taking the smaller Möller I had given her.

She loaded it with a little awkward movement… I wished everyone a good night and fell asleep.

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