How many experimental weapons are there?


I currently have 5 including the most recently the pump action
And I’m not counting duplicates


Six, I think. The Glock, an SMG, the G3, a pump-action shotgun, the rocket launcher, and a sniper.

Could be mistaken about one, and I don’t remember which SMG it is.


they are all right @Starke


As stated above, at the moment, there are 6x experimental weapons in game, one in each class. Names:

  1. PVG 90 sniper rifle (aka .50 cal)
  2. m/49 recoilless rifle (aka rocket launcher)
  3. 12G pump-action shotgun
  4. Klaucke 17 pistol
  5. Kpist SMG (aka m/46)
  6. AG4 assault rifle

Devs said that eventually, every vanilla weapon will have experimental version of it.


Seems the only one I’m missing is the kpist smg
Honestly it was hard enough getting that 12 guage pump action after dieing over and over to an apocalypse tank rival
But I am very persistent and eventually got the job done


It’s all about that RNG as I still haven’t gotten the 50 cal sniper and I have like 20 of the rocket launchers and 5 smg’s but have gotten the pistol and the rifle for the first time in the past days so your time will come


So far, i’ve found (in no particular order):
4x 6* .50 cal
3x 6* AG4
4x 6* Glock 17
5x 6* m/49
3x 6* Kpist
4x 6* 12G shotty

Btw, i play casually and take my time to level up the rival to lvl4 before taking it out.


Now I am curiuos: Did you take notes on this, is your memory that good, or do you still have all of them? :slight_smile:

It is weird, I found very few duplicates until I had all of them.


It’s both, i have most of them while i have memorized what i’ve found and didn’t pick up.

From the loadout topic, most 6* weapons i have are seen in my inventory: Post loadouts here
1st char: 2x 6* .50 cal, 6* AG4, 6* m/49, 6* Glock
2nd char: 6* .50 cal, 6* m/49, 6* Glock
3rd char: 6* Kpist, 6* AG4, 6* m/49, 6* Glock
4th char: 6* .50 cal, 6* AG4, 6* m/49, 6* Glock

That makes:
4x 6* .50 cal
3x 6* AG4
4x 6* Glock 17
4x 6* m/49
1x 6* Kpist
1x 6* 12G shotty

2nd char’s 6* AG4 i traded with someone, so, that doesn’t count as the one i found, hence 3x 6* AG4.
Have 4x 6* m/49 on my chars and did find 5th one that i didn’t pick up, hence 5x 6* m/49.
One 6* Kpist is on my 3rd char and in my Plundra, i have two more, hence 3x 6* Kpist.
2nd char holds one 6* 12G shotty, in Plundra i also have two more and did find 4th one that i didn’t pick up, hence 4x 6* 12G shotty.


You have an insane ammo algorithm! I have killed 25-odd rivals - most of them at level 4 - and have had two .50 cals, an AG4 and a pistol. So, one-in-six rivals carries a weapon. Waste of time. I only kill them from spite.

In the whole of the DLC, I’ve seen two one-star machine guns, both of them off Apo runners. Dogs. That’s it for weapons. Apo, and Rival Harvesters give me nothing except a single advanced med-pack - all the ammo is for stuff I don’t carry and they don’t drop clothing either.

Don’t get me started on Hunters. The Militaries were good, but I haven’t seen one of those for months.