How to defend against tanks?

Solo is always a challenge but to feel some sort of catharsis I recommend grabbing a couple of buddies and set up a firing squad with PVGs.
Everyone aim for the rocket pod. Count to 3 and everyone fire.
Same for the machine gun pod (with a little more disorder now it is firing back.
Finally scatter as it charges at you and unload with automatic weapons at any exposed parts.

I know this relies on teamwork and not everyone has the option all the time but when you have had your ass kicked enough times it is strangely satisfying to make an apocalypse tank melt like this.

Not everyone has one what? :thinking:

I have 0 (Zero) experimentals so I never suggested using one :stuck_out_tongue:
But maybe your reply wasn’t meant for me when I think about it :thinking:

Don’t engage on open ground. Use corners, take our their joints. i’ve taken many APOC tanks down with a shotgun. I’ve seen alot of people try to spam their hard points and get mad when they can’t kill it.