How to get into Saltholmen Naval Bunker

How do I get into the naval bunker?

That’s the one I haven’t been able to figure out. After looting I just left it assuming there will be a mission later that will take us there.
I could be wrong tho.

I just figured it out. There’s a mission that you will get when you take over the warboard in the bunker north of the military base (can’t remember the name of it right now). Basically will give you a mission that leads you there and then it will walk you through the steps of activating the power in gaining access to the weapon room. Which by the way is totally worth it. 2 really awesome weapons

and how do you get to that first part?

Do you have som missions you have not finnished?
Examine the ‘attachments’ you find for the missions. Maps, recording and stuff like that.
They give great hints on where to find places.


That specific place was marked on a map I found someplace. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got into the naval base but I can’t access the radio tower. I’ve been in every building through the bunker and I can’t do anything with it. It’s the “calling for help” mission I’m stuck on.

I totally thought this was for the Air base, not the naval Base in the south. I have still not figured out how to get into the navel Base. How did you do it Cannibalmerk? Is it part of a mission?

I have the ‘Road to Salthamn’ bug where the quest won’t lead me further than the bunker, so I’m not getting any items further down that quest chain. If getting into the bunker starts on an unrelated quest, that would be good to know.

I just walked west from the Vesslan command bunker and it’s on the coast. The doors weren’t locked or anything to get into the bunker.

Solensia, once you go into the bunker for “Road to Salthamn” you should at least find a map and a piece of paper “civil defense contact list”. Check out those items in your quest log and they should point you into the town next to the bunker. There isn’t much in that bunker other that I think those 2 things.

cool, thanks (more characters)

What and where is the 2nd weapon? I got the rocket launcher one in the room full of gas, but can’t find a 2nd new weapon, unless it was that Automat 4 one which I already had so I wouldn’t have remembered seeing another one.

I’m having the same issue and it’s annoying the hell out of me.

Or if u want a easy loot with awsome guns … Just go to the Saltholmstungan Camp located at -111.750, 3292.643