Ideas about adding some Narrative to the game?

Are you here referring to the agents Red Worm and Yellow Reindeer?

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Red Worm I think gets mentioned several times, and it seems clear that they are a Soviet asset inside the Swedish program, or with additional assets inside the program who can get information out FOR Red Worm. Killed, eventually, by Bolshakov—though Bolshakov told Tereshkova that it was the Swedish machines that did it. FNIX seemed to have eyes on Bolshakov at the time, and made contact with Tereshkova through use of a Tick to relay that information on Bolshakov to her.

Yellow Reindeer I think was only mentioned once, might have been by Fredrik Holberg himself. Maybe an audio log, tape recording… Holberg makes several other mentions to the spy games going on, if I remember right. The high stakes world of secret R&D projects, breeds a lot of espionage.

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I was meaning to ask you about this. Tereshkova was contacted by one of the little machines. That could’ve been a Seeker, a Tick, and perhaps even a Runner, since compared with a harvester or tank a runner is small. And a runner has a voice box.

So why do you think it was a Tick? :coffee:

I trying to confirm this statement, but I can only find that we found a transmission in Morse code on Himfjäll. Message:

"DECEMBER 25 1989




It seems a message from the Soviets to their agent.

Reporter Monika Byström had started investigating Fredrik Holberg. Her sources converge towards a military compound on Himfjäll where we then find the coded message. What are we to think?

How do you think Holberg and Yellow Reindeer are connected?

Check the Matryoshka Reports. Pretty certain one of them, when she was contacted while going to relieve herself, points out that it was a Tick that first directly contacted (spoke with) her. Pretty sure the location where that particular report/doll was found even had the Tick present. If I remember right, that location is not marked on the map…but is along the north side of a road, west from Skvadern Command Bunker some distance, beyond a logging camp… That area is often patrolled by all sorts of machines, mostly Swedish, with the occasional Wolf and Lynx group…

An earlier report mentions that she was being specifically observed by a Runner, which she noticed, while in the later reports she gets in contact with one Hunter (which, like the Tick I mentioned, we find disabled) and is escorted from then on by another Hunter.

As for the connection I thought I remembered between Holberg and Yellow Reindeer, I could easily have been mistaken. I’ll have to check his audio logs and such again, might have been something in there or a mission item, or I could just have mixed things up.

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I agree.
I’m also sure there was/is a Tick at that location.
And the text of the doll is about a tiny machine, which finally exploded.
It’s the russian nesting doll #5.

Here are all infos about the dolls and where to find them.

I edited the text of doll #5 to:

It came from one of the small machines [Note by authors: probably a Tick].

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Though, curiously enough, last I saw, the Tick at that location is just flopped over upside down, doing the “dead bug”…instead of being a bunch of random bits and pieces, which it should have been.

The lights still flash, or did at the time, so finding it should be pretty easy.

Ok, a visual clue that it was a tick. Cool

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Now something else that has been on my mind. We find mentions of a couple of Soviet operations like:

  • Operation Lynx, (FNIX Rising Mission: The Hatches )
  • Fist Viper, (messages War figurines - Makarova’s notes #02 )
  • Operation Red Eye (messages War figurines - Makarova’s notes #02 )
  • The Soviet Landfall (this could be one of the above)

Do any of you have an idea about them and what they entail?

Edit: added sources

Can you link to where we get these mentions?

I added the sources where I read these in above post.

“Lynx”, maybe from another context, was already mentioned in such an early mission?
I have to look at it…

Morse coded message …

Oh yes, a “mysterious transscript”.
I didn’t notice that yet, because the word “Lynx” also was translated (for me to german).


First Viper

  • Objective: Secure the town of Hagaboda and gain control over the area despite the relentless attacks from Swedish machines.

Operation Lynx

  • Objective: Deploy ground forces on Swedish soil pending final orders from the Commander in Chief. (landfall).

Operation Red Eye

  • Objective: Capture intact Swedish machines for research and analysis. The operation aims to understand the functionality and vulnerabilities of these machines to potentially gain control over them.

One or more of these might have been referring to deliberate sabotage by the Soviets, go order for intelligence gathering, preparations for landings, something to do with what might have been an arms deal as a cover-up or distraction for something else, or some other form of misinformation/decoy action.

At several points throughout history, multiple names have been used to describe either nothing at all (pure decoy)—or to refer to the same action, for the purpose of spreading a potentially “listening” enemy’s forces over a wider area, to prevent coordinated interception or counter action. In a work of fiction, it is even harder to tell what is supposed to be “fact” or “fiction” within the fictional work.

This all stand or falls, with what we infer from the lore. To me it seems that at least most of the Soviet Forces were there to help defeat FNIX, and to prevent the FNIX threat to spread to the Motherland. The lore states this at several places. But indeed it could all be a ruse.

I have seen people stating their believe that the Soviets purposely invaded the Swedish Archipelago. But never provided supporting evidence.

Not sure.
Operation Red eye is also mentioned in another war figurine, the 2nd in the first row.

While this one and Operation Lynx are called “operation”, First Viper is called “mission”.

In the nesting dolls it’s just spoken about “the mission”.

I believe that Operation Red eye could be the whole operation of the Landfall. First Viper on the other hand could be the mission to go to the bunker to get access to the code of FNIX to delete it.

The intention to reprogram it for their own use seems to be just Makarovas intention by using Bolshakov.
Without having the official orders for it.

I’m currently comparing the german (from ingame) and english (from here War Figurines Notes - Lore (spoiler)) textes and found some discrepancies.

In the german textes a “golden faction” is mentioned and that it is working to get hand on the firebirds, which were just in development by the soviet government while the mission started.
The golden faction wanted to get access to them and send them as support for Makarova without the knowledge of the government.

It’s also written that they mustn’t retreat into motherland without control over the swedish machines, as it would destroy all the work of the golden faction of the past years.
(Makarovas Notes #02)

In the english textes there is nothing about firebirds and the golden faction. Just the word “faction” is there once.

Yes, and from that I concluded that Operation Red Eye is referring to the research of the workings of the machines.

And it’s mentioned in the mission Death from Above.

A Soviet Computer in a FNIX port
The computer is hacked into Soviet military communications, showing messages from a group calling themselves “The Golden Faction”.
The most recent message reads:
"As requested the first group of Firebird reinforcements have departed from Kabarga Camp. Landfall at the town of Hagaboda is estimated to be within 6 hours. Beacons will be deployed to ensure safer navigation for the main bulk of Firebirds, which are ready to leave as soon as the beacon placement is confirmed.

With these additional resources we expect the town to be retaken and established as a secure base within the week. Operation Red Eye cannot be another failure.
The Golden Faction, Command"

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What part of the lore are you referring to, and what do you mean exactly with “The intention to reprogram it for their own use”? Reprogram to do what?