Ideas for new wepons and items in generation zero


hello, i have quite a few ideas for generation zero. i dont know if this is the right thing to post it on so sorry if its the wrong thing.

so i have an idea for a riot shield. so it takes a few seconds to equip, and when it is equipped it will block some bullets and damage from explosions. however when it is equipped, you can only equip a pistol for a weapon. and when you reload, there are few seconds where you are able to get hit by bullets and explosions. also there is an experimental version where you can deploy it. it takes a few seconds but when it is deployed you can equip more powerful guns.

i also have ideas for a magazine attachment for the Grg m/49 (it is not a magazine, it is just something to make reloading faster), a second experimental Grg m/49 that is pump action, and special bullets that can do things like make a little explosion and other things.

i also have an idea for the inventory. so, with the information with the guns you make it so it is actual numbers, however you need to collect the information for the guns. there is also a menu for things like guns, gas tanks, flares, fireworks, grenades, and other stuff. so with the guns, grenades, and other deployable things (this includes gas tanks and mines. when you open the menu it will show a robot, and you can choose the robot and what class. then you can click a part on the robot (or near the robot in the case of things with range) and it will say how much the component is damaged, or if it hits armor, it will say how much the armor was damaged, penetrating chance, and if it has went through the armor, how much the component behind it is damaged.

i also have an idea for an experimental gun! it isnt a specific gun but what the gun does is it makes it so when the bullets hit the robot it creates a little explosion. the explosion itself does hardly any damage but the explosion make acid fly everywhere dealing corrosive damage.

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