Infinite weight for item storage box and bench

What you mean with ads ?

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Crafting station can hold in excess of 1000 resources per type. That alone is more than enough resources for any kind of crafting. So, no, i don’t see the need to remove the weight limit of Recycling Station.

ADS = Aiming Down Sight. Not the ads as advertisements.


they can cause i can dump more stuff in my work bench also why put a limit to it in the first place if you could like just put X amount of each resource then i would say its fine but to put a weight limit on it seams like its counter intuitive consedering most enemies give you resource and having to stop to carefully pick up each individual item instead of grabbing everything doesnt rly make sence and makes looting boring and besides i like to collect stuff so they could always just add an option to have infinte weight or not.
and yes i did mean aim down sights thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

I, personally, don’t see that happening. Also, GZ isn’t hoarding game (like e.g 7 Days to Die, Rust, DayZ are). In GZ, you take what you need while dropping what you don’t need. Plundra and Recycling Station already do give plenty of storage space. Any more of that is just ridiculous.

Back in the day when i started playing GZ, there was no Recycling Station, Plundra, Bikes, machine loot, Rivals and Experimental Weapons. Everything i found, i had to carry with me in my inventory. Forcing me to make hard choices of what to keep and what to discard. Did it stop me playing the game? No, it did not. Instead, it made the game more rewarding than it currently is. Now, you can just throw stuff into Plundra/Recycling Station for safe keeping.

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im sorry you do realize your loot teleports from safehouse to safehouse right? you can take dozens of bullets and explosions and so many more thing yet having a place where you can horde items is ? look im not here to judge however hadding the option to to have inf weight isnt gonna take away this games value. “this isnt a hoarding game” dude have you seean the amount of bullets that drop from enemies and such? how could it not be a hoarding game XD

Month ago, there was no weight system whatsoever. You had infinite weight since inventory system was grid based. Now, it’s list based with weight limits.

Old grid inventory with max storage of 50 slots:
(my 3rd char)

New list inventory with max storage of 80 units/slots, which can exceed to 96.999 units:
(my 3rd char)

With new inventory, you can carry a lot more stuff with you. Also, Plundra storage capacity was doubled as well. Plundra used to store 100 slots, now it stores 200 units/slots.

Yes, i’ve seen. And as you can see, you can now carry far more ammo than with old inventory system.

The plentiful ammo is one of the good features of GZ where you don’t have to count your bullets and your aim doesn’t have to be spot-on either, appealing to more gamers. But that doesn’t mean storage should be infinite.

ok your gonna have to forgive me but i dont understand what the point is of you showing me how the old inv system works i am aware it was grid based and i prefer this one much better but im not talking about unlimited inventory space 80 kilos is more then enougth what im talking about is the item box where you put stuff in that should not have a weight limit like 100 of the 200 kilos of weight you have on the box is just ammo and its not even that much ammo. it doesnt mean it should be but it doesnt mean it can be that why im saying if nothing else have an option one with limited weight on the box and another where its unlimited so everyone is happy hoards can hoard and people who just like having the essencial can do what they like doing best i mean i doesnt even afect multiplayer cause the boxes are client side so all good. i rly dont understand why having option is a bad thing?.

If there is user side option to use infinite storage or not, then i’m okay with it since i can choose the option i like. However, you didn’t say the infinite storage being an option until now and there was impression that infinite storage, if implemented, is forced upon everybody. Latter i’m not okay with.

ohh nah i know people like a challenge like wieght and stuff like i said options are good i was refering to having an option of iether inf wieght or limited weight and if i didnt specify that im sorry i kinda have trouble specifying myself and most of the time my sentences dont rly make sence so sorry again. but like i said options are good it would be coolif people who whant inf weight could have it since i like collecting guns and i would like to collect and customize each tier of each gun and have them all organized i know it sound kinda wierd but i like having my progress displayed hand seeing all the guns you collect throughout your jorney means alot to me cause its almost like each gun tells its own story you know and it would also be cool cause then even low tier guns have a use :smiley:

Btw do tell what do you think of the other ideas i proposed in the top ?

I’m also a collector in GZ and so far i have multiple collections going on.

My collections (click here to view)
  • vanilla weapon collection (all 5* weapons + 5* mods on them)
  • experimental weapon collection (all 6* weapons + 5* mods on them)
    missing few LMG mods
  • ammo collection (full stack of every type of ammo)
  • rare item collection (tick pod, semla, firework box)
    missing gnometick pod
  • clothing set collection (clothing from events, e.g Elegant set, Slayer set etc)
    missing few clothing items
  • rivals collection (8 rivals per region, every rival is tank, every rival is lvl4, region score is max)
    so far: Farmlands, South Coast, Mountains and Marshlands rival collection is complete.
    In Archipelago and Himfjäll, there can’t be 8 rival tanks per region, so in there, i do as many tanks as possible (1 in Archipelago and 6 in Himfjäll). Still working on North Coast, Forest, Archipelago and Himfjäll.

This is a bug with current list based inventory. In old grid style inventory, attachments on weapons did disappear from your inventory as they were supposed to.

There is a hope it gets fixed in this month’s update (if it comes) or in the next month’s update.

There have been quite a few ADS adjustments.

First one was the silencers size reduction since in ADS and with iron sights, they blocked the sight.

Next in line was adding iron sight for .50 cal (PVG 90).

3rd one was with 5* weapons where the night time illumination of the green dots in iron sights were obstructing the view quite a bit. The illumination of iron sights was reduced.

Latest ADS adjustment is something that i still struggle getting used to. Handgun ADS with iron sight used to zoom in a bit and make the outer edge of FoV blurred, to simulate tunnel vision. Now, handgun ADS doesn’t provide any zoom in or vision blur.
Any other weapon i have are equipped with scope and ADS in there wasn’t changed.

I can’t say for sure if any additional ADS tweaks come but there are still some ADS bugs. For example, 5* versions of KVM 59 and KVM 89 do have the illumination bug, making them harder to aim during night time and with iron sights.

oh dam i did not know it was a bug (refering to the mod glitch) hope i gets pached out.
cool i like talking with other colector you seam like a cool dude/girl.
regarding ads not all guns need adjusting but the ak is fine but when you add the red dot the sight itself is to close to the camera same with the PP pistol iron sight i maxed out the ADS sensetivaty and it still feels clumsy or slugish, i honestly dont know what term to use, i wish games didnt zoom in as much when you ads with something that doesnt provide zoom like a red dot or iron sights ads should be used to make more accurate shots having that much zoom takes to much space from the screen not to mention the actual dot on the red dot is rly big XD

Here, i don’t think your issue is with distance from screen in ADS but instead the non-scalable sensitivity in ADS when using different scopes/sights.
Fix for the latter has been requested a lot. Also, here’s one of such topics with good in-depth explanation about the issue: How to improve GZ as a FPS - Problem 1- Mouse sens in Scopes I also pitched in there with one possible reason why it is so in the game.

I’m female, not that it matters. Or does it? :thinking:

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no it doesnt rly matter its mostly for formalitty howeevr regarding the ADS yes sencetivity is a prob howerver if the gun is too close to the screen it takes up to much room so if they could just distance it a bit that would be great.
i am aware that prob no dev is gonna read this but hey its worth a try right?

Devs do read the forums. Though, they don’t reply here that often.

Just gave a look to vid which showcases GZ vanilla weapons and ADS with iron sight takes up about 1/6 of the whole screen. AI-76 uses even less space in ADS with iron sight and only m/49 takes up half the screen.

Vid too:

Moving weapons even further out reduces the iron sight size, making it even harder to aim and pinpoint the shots.

While scopes do take up a lot of screen space, they are supposed to be like so.
For reference, i screenshotted most scopes in this topic, under spoiler tag: ADS scope problems

maybe this will halp you understand what i mean:

if your still having doubts do a thumbs up and put the top of the thumb close to your eye and try focusing on something far away then extend your arm and repeat but now with your arm extended.

can you rly tell me that something close to your eye helps you long range?
for more reference heres a vid on this realistic game called escape from tarkov on how scopes should be.

hope it helps

Watched the vid you provided and yes, i see the difference between two games.

However, ADS in GZ is debatable. Mainly because GZ isn’t simulation game which focuses heavily on realism, as Escape from Tarkov or DayZ are. If GZ would also be one of those games where realism is one of the key aspects then ADS in GZ would need tweaks towards more realistic ADS and we won’t be fighting against machines.

you do have a fair point with the whole realism thing the way the ads is atm could just be an artistic choice and it is usable however i just feel like ads would be more confertuble if they maybe tweaked a bit but the hole item box weight thing is what i would like to be next btw do you guys know when the next update is gonna come out ?

That’s the thing with different games in same gerne. E.g if you mainly play simulator games and then play more arcade type of game then the arcade gameplay doesn’t feel right. Same is vice-versa.

A bit of forum search and: Will there be an April Update?

ahh thx and i dont rly play simulators in fact most my fps are arcady or survival