Interface Fatal Flaw, Game Breaker (Items can easily and accidentally be dropped into loot containers while looting)

Up until about 15 minutes ago, GZ was one of my favourite games in my Steam library.

As of today, I will most like stop playing, unless this game breaking issue is addressed.

The interface in the game is absolutely PATHETIC. It is so easy to lose attachments and weapons in this game, and it’s absolutely INFURIATING.

I lost an experimental boom tube today, and it was my favourite weapon. I’m not sure how it happened, but I had just gotten done with a massive beef at a farm with my buddy, we killed a bazillion Hunters, two Reapers, and a Harvester. I’m thinking I somehow accidentally and unknowingly placed my boom tube in a loot spot while looting one of the downed machines, and somehow never noticed it. When we fast traveled back to camp to empty our inventory and crunch weapons and ammo down for resources, I was being EXTREMELY careful, because I (and my buddy has done it several times himself) have accidentally deconstructed attachments and weapons in the past. After I was done deconstructing all the junk I didn’t need, I noticed my boom tube was missing. I checked my storage box, nothing. I frantically fast traveled back to the location where we were last, to check the corpses of the machines we killed, thinking I may have accidentally swapped out my boom tube onto a corpse, as my buddy has has issues with in the past. Upon arrival, all but one Reaper corpse had despawned, and of course, it didn’t have my boom tube in it’s loot.

I have brought this up in a previous thread. But losing an experimental weapon because the inventory UI system in this game is SO BAD, I don’t think I’ll pick up on this game again, not until I hear that this serious issue has been addressed and remedied.

There NEEDS to a ‘favourite’ system implemented, where weapons that you are using, and like, are not able to be dropped, swapped, traded, attachments detached, if marked as favourites. Hell, this even goes for attachments, weapons AND attachments NEED to have an option to be marked as favourites, so they cannot be mistakenly/accidentally detached or deconstructed.

Please, fix your game. It has A TONNE of potential.


I’m on an older version, but I agree. Implement a Borderlands 2-style ‘mark as favorite’ button to tag guns, attachments and other stuff so it prevents dropping them or placing them in any ‘loot crate’.

Yesterday, I was in a skirmish with several hunters and was scavenging for ammo when the second wave hit, and I hurriedly tried to get the last bits out of the bot. Boom - my exp Klaucke and its attachments were gone. I noticed right away and grabbed it back, but a crash a few minutes later would have sealed its fate…

There is this topic on this forum made by a dev asking for tips on a new inventory sorting system and a lot of people complained about this. I would guess that this new inventory system will be implemented in the next update after resistance drops for Xbox, let’s pray for Xbox update drops during November.

Hey @H8MyBoss666 :wave:

:information_source: With the next update it should no longer be possible to drop items into loot containers such as destroyed machines, ammo boxes, etc.

There’s a big thread about weapons disappearing due to this (See link below) and when we started investigating this issue we first did some partial fixing in order to make it less likely to occur, but then we decided to remove the functionality of dropping items into loot containers altogether to completely prevent it.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :pray:


This is most welcome news!!! Thank you very much! Can’t wait for the next update!!

Oh, nice. Any news about “the update” are good news. Btw… Can you please tell us when the update will arrive?