Is RPG worth it?



When thinking about how much space the RPG ammo takes (4 per stack) in comparison to the .50 ammo (50 per stack).

Using the experimental PVG90 you can down a tank in less than one mag, but for sake lets say it takes two (extended). thats 32 bullets, and not even one stack.

Lets say we down the same tank using an rpg, it will take at least 20 shots (I think this is to little, correct me if I’m wrong), and thats 5 stacks of ammo.

That means RPG ammo is over five times worse than .50 ammo, and hence RPG is more than 5 times worse than the PVG90.

What do you say, do you use the rpg alot?

Do you often need to farm for ammo?


m/49 and it’s HE rockets aren’t dealing with the heaviest armored targets (tanks/harvs) but instead groups of enemies, e.g hunter pack or runner pack.

1x HE rocket is enough to drop any tick, any seeker, any runner, proto hunter and military hunter.
2x HE rockets are enough to drop FNIX hunter.

One good tactic with m/49: Seeker bows it’s horn. Everybody around races to that seeker. Once everybody is present, drop 1-2 HE rockets into middle of all that. Enjoy the following.

Three out of the 4 chars i have carry m/49 to deal with groups of machines in the most efficient way. Further reading: Post loadouts here


Pretty much what @Aesyle said.

I’ve completely stopped using the GRG against tanks. Vs runners and hunters, especially with the skill Explosives Expert maxed out, it’s very efficient.

So until Avalanche introduces the proper AP grenades to deal with tanks, use the weapon for the “lesser” foes.


Yes, I do believe that the RPG (m/49) should do a greater proportion of damage to enemies than it does currently. Balance is key, so the damage shouldn’t have to be increased to much.


The GRG, with proper ammo for the situation, should of course be the number one weapon vs anything compared to the bullet based weapons we have.
But, since we lack proper ammo to deal with heavy armor targets, it is what it is.


For lesser enemies I use lesser weapons.

Taking down a pack of runners is like 2-3 sniper bullets per runner (well 1 if you’re godlike) from the älgstudsare or the Mauesser (.270 or the .243 ammo). At least the .270 ammo stacks in 120 bullets.

Thats way more runners per inventory slot than the rpg still.

For the hunters, you can take their weapons out fairly easy, fnix hunters weapons (the ones with the shotgun shells) are popped in just 2 shots and can be finished of with any lower arms, expecially if you have the special glock in only a few rounds after that.

So my take on this is that it is only really good vs big packs of enemies then? For the splash damage?

I’m probably gonna skip it entirely in the future.


S-rifles are good if you have the distance and some time to line up a shot. m/49 is faster and best at close- to medium-range due to the huge bullet drop it has.

Try sniping while running away from machines. Quite difficult. With m/49, just turn around and fire. You even don’t need to be in ADS mode to hit with it.

But yes, people have their own preferences for weapons. For example, i don’t use shottys at all. I’ve tried them out and the round count in weapon is just too less for my taste. Also, i don’t like to be up close and personal, where shottys work best.


In my opinion, just like other people said, RPG´s are not worth it, truth to be told, they should be able to destroy a tank with 4 or 5 rounds, that is how it should be, instead it`s 13/15 rockets (prototype tank), i don´t even know how many would be necessary to bring down Apocalypse Tanks :sweat_smile: .
I almost never use them.


Or have the skill. :wink:


Even with Marksman specialization, you still need time to line up the shot. All what Marksman does is removing sway, so that you don’t have to time your shots or counter the sway.

For the truth, it’s not the weapon that defines the damage (kill) but instead the ammo in it. If we’d have AP (Armor Piercing) shells then yes, 4-5x shots should drop proto tank. But what we have are HE (High Explosive) shells, designed to do great splash damage.

You guys seem to forget that HE shells aren’t the only rounds for m/49. There are three other shells as well: EMP, smoke and chaff. With these three added, m/49 usefulness goes up quite a bit.


Actually i do not agree, the game is quite realistic, it takes some time to change ammo type, time that we don´t have when the machines are meters a ways, so the EMP and smoke are almost useless, EMP effect duration is quite short (even with the upgrades), smoke works with some machines, although duration is not long and with a limited inventory, smoke ammo requires space.
I have no doubt that for some EMP and Smoke rounds can be useful, but it requires one to play the game in a certain way.
I myself prefer to snipe runners from afar and use heavy suppressing fire to deal with the rest of the machines, using grenades and setting traps with explosives, but in the end it´s all about priorities :wink:.


And you haven’t even mentioned EMP grenades yet. These are the most effective way to shut down tanks (for a short while) to take out their weapons - this and effective cover are very viable tactics. I carry 12 EMP grenades on my main characters.


lol. I meant IRL skill. :wink:


Well, while there are a number of ways to play and a number of ways to take down machines, Right now in this thread, the goal is to weigh inventory space vs damage more or less.

Sure EMP and smokes are fine, but you do take down more tanks and machines per inventory slot if you can play without them.

Also this thread was mainly for the RPG rounds as I see no use of them because of the space they are taking up.

Sure its fun sometimes to just have the RPG and the inv full of HE rounds and go hunting, but its not the least inventory or time effective. PVG90 does it faster and better every time.


Correction: Time that you don’t have. Can’t speak for everybody, especially for me.

As far as time goes, i can always find time to switch weapons or switch ammo type, even at the heat of the battle while getting shot at.
Pro tip: you can replace 2nd weapon or switch ammo type in 2nd weapon when your main weapon reload animation is going on.

EMP, smoke and chaff shells usefulness goes up in MP game. E.g one player fires EMP while another blasts away. Smoke is good to break the line of sight of machines, ether when tactically retreating (running away) or switching positions for flanking.

But in the end, it depends on play style.

If that’s your goal then carry only .50 cal ammo. There’s no need for any other ammo type. E.g dual-wield 2x .50 cals. One has 6-12x or 8-16x scope for mid- to long-range sniping while other has iron sights for close-range.


Would be true, if it weren’t for the overkill. And the fact that all ammo you get is not .50.


Are these chaff rounds still in the game? And what do they really do?



No, you are not using it right. Take a harvester. It has a pack of dogs, all scurrying about its heels. One rpg will kill three out of four, and damage the harvester, before you even start the fight. Two rpgs will kill a hunter, but two rpgs will also kill two hunters standing close together. Two rpgs will also kill three hunters standing close together.

Think of it as, well, like a rocket propelled grenade, and use it appropriately (i.e. not on small children).


Whenever i see a pack of enemies from far away i always lob a HE in the middle of them.

As stated earlier its a good way of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. If the HE does not take anyone out then atleast it has softened them up abit before they come charging at you.



Chaffs are still in the game.

Here it is, part of my collection: