Landfall bomb question

ive been pretty confused about this but if the answer is what i assume it is then that would make more sense, anyways, where did the nuke that tatiana detonated explode? i thought the giant crater in the farmlands was because of the reaper, but is there another crater i missed?

i just got done collecting the resistance news letters and it does look like the bomb was detonated in the farmlands crater, however the explosion was around way before soviet machines and in the notes tatiana talks about the machines even before he detonates the nuke, so how does that make sense?

The Farmlands crater was caused by the tactical nuke, yeah. Up until now we only had theories of what caused it. The Reaper may still have come through afterwards. The letters mention an explosion but people did not know what caused it.

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right but the russian machines were introduced way after the crater was added to the game. in the notes tatiana talks about the machines before he detonated the bomb, so does that mean that the russian machines and soviet soldiers showed up before the crater in the actual canon?

The Russian presence (outposts and the like) were present before Landfall. They were added to the game when Farmlands Region was revamped.

right but the machines werent there

maybe the resistance had a meting with the reaper down in the tunnel